30 Quick & Easy Face Paint Ideas For Kids: Tutorials & Videos

If there's one thing we can be sure of, is that kids love to have their faces painted...most of them at least! These 30 quick & easy face paint ideas for kids will give you some insight into the world of face painting, and also help you give your child or client an amazing experience! 

These face paint ideas are easy to replicate and follow along to, thanks to our very talented and knowledgeable face painters. Whether you're looking for new ideas, or want to perfect that cat face paint, you've come to the right place! Below, we've compiled 30 of our best, easiest, and quickest face paint ideas for kids so that no matter how skilled (or not) you are, you CAN pull these off!

Now of course these are intended mainly for children, but there's nothing in the rule book (what rule book?!) that says adults can't rock these face paint designs! Grab your paints, sponge and brush and check out these 30 quick and easy face paint makeup ideas for the face and body! 

30 Quicks & Easy Face Paint Ideas for Kids

#1.Tiger Face Paint Idea

Tiger Face Paint Design

We'll start off with the tiger face paint tutorial, because believe it or not, it's one of  the most popular face paint designs. It's easy, fun, and kids seem to love it! For this design, we recommend you use a split cake, which makes face painting that much easier and more impressive! See the full tutorial here!

#2. Unicorn Face Paint Idea

Unicorn Face Paint Tutorial

Unicorns are probably the most popular face paint design for girls, and this particular unicorn face paint idea is perfect! Bright colors is what makes this design pop! See the full tutorial here!

#3. Rainbow Skull Face Paint Idea

Rainbow Skull Face Paint Tutorial

The skeleton is always a popular face paint idea, but the rainbow skull is even MORE impressive! This skeleton face paint design can be tailored to suit the child's color preferences. So even though this particular skeleton is bright and colorful, you can swap out the colors and make it black and white, blue and green, or whicheve colors you choose! See the full tutorial here!

#4. Butterfly Face Paint Idea

Butterfly Face Paint Tutorial

Butterflies are one of the fastest and easiest face paint designs you can make, and there can literally be thousands of different variations! Great for girls, boys, and adults alike, a butterfly face paint design is always a winner! See the full tutorial here!

#5. Spiderman Face Paint Idea - Video Tutorial

Super popular amongst boys, this Spiderman face paint video tutorial is super easy to do and kids will absolutely love it! All you need are three colors: red paint, black paint, and white paint to create this awesome face paint design! See the full tutorial here!

#6. Fast Animal Face Paint Ideas

Split Cake Animal Designs

These fast and fun split cake animal designs are super fast and easy to make, which make them perfect for long lines and/or beginner face painters! For most of these designs, you only need one split cake and they can be created in mere minutes! See the full tutorial here!

#7. Comic Zombie Face Paint Idea

Comic Zombie Face Paint

For a different spin on a zombie, try this combic zombie face paint tutorial! Use bright colors to achieve this design, and kids will be absolutely wowed! See the full tutorial here!

#8. Hello Kitty Face Paint Idea

Hello Kitty Face Paint Tutorial

This cute and fun Hello Kitty face paint tutorial is easy to replicate and can be changed up according to the child's preference! This is a fun spin on a Hello Kitty design because it's also a skull, and therefore perfect for Halloween! See the full tutorial here!

#9. Angry Birds Face Paint Idea

Angry Birds Face Paint Design

Commemorate the new Angry Birds movie with this fun Angry Birds face paint tutorial! Red, black, white, and yellow face paint are all you need to recreate this adorable face paint design! See the full tutorial here!

#10. Lion Face Paint Idea

Lion Face Paint

If your kids love the Lion King, they're going to love this lion face paint tutorial! With only a few different colored face paints (yellow, brown, white, and pink), you too can create this adorable design! See the full tutorial here!

#11. Dragonfly Face Paint Idea

Dragonfly Face Paint

Not everything has to be about butterflies - dragonflies can be cute as well! This dragonfly face paint tutorial is super easy to follow along to and can be create in just minutes! Plus, you can customize the colors to your child's preference! See the full tutorial here!

#12. The Grinch Face Paint Idea

The Grinch Face Paint

Great for Christmas and Halloween, this Grinch face paint tutorial is really easy to create and kids will go crazy for it! All you need to create this design is green, black, and white face paint! See the full tutorial here!

#13. Candy Corn Face Paint Idea

For a different spin on a Halloween face paint design, check out this candy corn face paint video tutorial! It's fun, it's easy to create, and it's definitely unique! Why should pumpkins and witches have all the fun?! See the full tutorial here!

#14. Frozen Inspired Face Paint Idea

Frozen Face Paint

Kids are obsessed with the Frozen movie, so why not give them what they really want? This Frozen inspired face paint tutorial is very fun to create and girls especially will love the sparkles! See the full tutorial here!

#15. Puppy Face Paint Idea

This video tutorial will show you exactly how to face paint a puppy dog! Kids of all ages will love this design, but especially the younger ones because it's such a quick design - they won't have to sit still for long! See the full tutorial here!

#16. Santa Face Paint Idea

Santa Face Paint

This Santa face paint tutorial is a great idea for all those kids that really love Santa! Especially around the holidays, this is a really fun thing to do with your kids, plus it's an easy design you can recreate using just a few different face paints! See the full tutorial here!

#17. Fish Face Paint Idea

This fish face paint tutorial is a really fun idea for kids of all ages, because as they move their mouth, the fish also moves! We love this design because it's super easy to create and it's interactive as well! See the full tutorial here! 

#18. Cat Face Paint Idea

Kids love cats, so it's no wonder that a cat face paint is a must-have for any child that loves to be face painted! We have three different cat face paint tutorials for you, so your child can choose which one they like best! See the full tutorials here!

#19. Snowman Face Paint Idea

Snowman Face Paint

For for the winter season, this snowman face paint tutorial is a really fun design to do on kids and adults as well! Create your own unique snowman by adding different elements and switching up paint colors! See the full tutorial here!

#20. Superhero Face Paint Idea

Superhero Face Paint

This superhero face paint design is great because it can be tailored to match a range of different superheroes. Although this design is blue, you could make it black for Batman, red for the Flash, or green for the Hulk or the Ninja Turtles - the possibilities are endless! See the full tutorial here!

#21. Bat Face Paint Idea

Bat Face Paint

Bats don't always have to be scary! Take for instance this bat face paint design, that's actually cute and fun to create! Perfect for Halloween and kids of all ages, this crazy, funny bat face paint will be a hit! See the full tutorial here! 

#22. Floral Face Paint Idea

Floral Face Paint

This patriotic version of a floral face paint design is really easy to replicate and can be done in a varity of different colors to suit every child's preference! This floral face paint mask is great for Halloween, birthday parties, the 4th of July, and everything in beween! See the full tutorial here!

#23. Mummy Face Paint Idea

 Mummy Face Paint

This Hotel Transylvania inspired face paint design is of a mummy and is the perfect design for Halloween or a themed birthday party! See the full tutorial here!

#24. Clown Face Paint Idea

Clown Face Paint

Not all kids are scared of clowns, and they shouldn't be either! Clowns bring joy and are generally silly, like this clown face paint design! See the full tutorial here!

#25. Princess Face Paint Idea

Princess Face Paint

For the princess in your life, recreate this princess face paint design and feel free to use different colors as well! This is an emerald princess design, but you can also do blue, pink, or any other colors! See the full tutorial here!

#26. Octopus Face Paint Idea

Octopus Face Paint

For those kids that love sea creatures, this octopus face paint design is right up their alley! Personalize this octopus design with different colors and faces! See the full tutorial here! 

#27. Candy Cane Face Paint Idea

Candy Cane Face Paint

This holiday themed candy cane face paint design is great for kids of all ages! A fun, colorful, and sparkly design that is easy to create and will appeal to everyone. See the full tutorial here! 

#28. Apple Face Paint Idea

Apple Face Paint

This apple face paint design is a tribute to teachers and a great face paint idea for middle school kids! Easy to replicate and something entirely unique! See the full tutorial here! 

#29. Wrestling Mask Face Paint Idea

Wrestling Mask Face Paint

For those wrestling fans, we have this wrestling mask face paint design that can be create in any color and pattern! Perfect for boys, girls, and even adults! See the full tutorial here!

#30. Easter Bunny Face Paint Idea

Easter Bunny Face Paint

Last but certainly not least, we have this quick and easy Easter bunny face paint design! Great not only for Easter, but for other events as well such as birthday parties and Halloween! See the full tutorial here!

Let us know in the comments below which face paint design is your favorite! If you're looking for more face paint ideas, check out our blog!