Easy Patriotic Floral Mask by Artist Ashlie Alvey

If you've been looking for a quick and effective floral patriotic design to add to your 4th of July holiday face painting menu, then look no further! 

To paint this design I suggest the following supplies:

Next, double load a large petal brush with Diamond FX White and Global Dark Blue. Make sure you have a good load on your brush. I like to clean white paint from the tip of the brush on the back of a clean, dry sponge before loading my Global Dark Blue. Paint blue press petal flowers above one eye and below the other.

After you have placed your large blue flowers above and below the eyes, load up a small petal brush with Diamond FX White and Global Red.

Paint a series of petals trailing away from either side of the blue flowers. Be sure to follow the curve of the mask you've already laid down.

It is incredibly important to clean the tip of the brush after you've fully loaded the white for these double-dip press petals. As we know, white mixed with red will create pink. And we want to keep this design as close to classic red, white, and blue. A little bit of pink is okay, don't stress. But if you have a white and pink flower you haven't loaded the brush correctly. 

The fourth step is fairly straight forward, load a round brush with Global Dark Blue and trace around all elements of your design. Don't forget to add some depth to the blue flowers by painting flicks of dark blue from the center of your flower outward. I chose not to completely paint around the eye-holes. This is personal preference. Feel free to do so if you would like, this is just meant to give inspiration. 

Now, load up a round brush with Diamond FX White. We are going to add some dots and highlights! Load up your brush to a thick, soupy consistency before beginning your dotting. Add some wherever you think it would look best. I started with the center of my blue dots and went from there. While the brush still has white but isn't quite as full as before, go around and highlight a few of your flower petals for extra depth, too!

The final steps are totally optional, but I just couldn't skip them this go-round. If you're in a big rush at a super busy event, send those happy kiddos on their way. They will be thrilled with it as is. 

If you have an extra few moments, add some eye shadow with a combination of Ice and Azalea Ben Nye Lumiere colors. Ice and Cosmic Blue would be another fun option! I simply load up a disposable lollipop applicator with the Ice on one side and the Azalea on the other. Keep the Ice in the inner corner of the eye and blend Azalea out on the outer. Don't forget those red lips with a touch of red glitter! Ooh, la la. 

Thank you so much for checking out this step-by-step tutorial for this fun, fast, and floral patriotic mask design. 

I hope you will find it both inspiring and useful at your upcoming 4th of July and patriotic events. 

Please share your comments and any questions below. We love hearing from you!

Ashlie Alvey is the owner and artist of Chubby Cheeks Body Art in coastal Savannah, Georgia. You can find her artwork featured in such publications as SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette, and Wet Paint Magazine. Ashlie is most passionate about creating happy memories for her clientele in the form of birthday party entertainment and one-of-a-kind maternity art. You can follow her on Instagram at and view her Facebook business page at