How to Draw a Quick and Easy Bunny Face

A quick and easy bunny. Photo courtesy of Alex Pope

A quick and easy bunny.
Photo courtesy of Alex Pope


  1. Have a picture of the look you wish to achieve, and keep it near you when doing the makeup
  2. Pull hair back out of the way
  3. Clean and dry the face
  4. Lay out all of your tools and supplies within easy reach


  1. Have a damp washcloth or small pot of water nearby so you can easily wipe off your fingers and brushes between color applications.
  2. When working with children it is best to start at the top and work your way down, leave their mouth for last.
  3. And the ultimate rule with children is move fast


Mehron Wedge Cream Makeup Sponges
Medium Brush
Fine tipped Brush

Colors Used In This Picture:





  1. Using a clean sponge and white paint, you will create a triangle for each eye.
    1. Follow the crease of the eye at an angle towards the top of the ear, stopping halfway to the hairline.
    2. Find the point halfway up the forehead, directly above the center of the eyebrow and using the same sponge and more white paint draw at an angle to connect with the end of the previous line.
    3. Starting at the point above the eyebrow apply the white paint down towards the edge of the nose, until it is even with the eyebrow.
  2. Using the medium brush, paint pink triangles over the eyebrows that are about half the size of the previous white triangles.
  3. Using the sponge, or the clean medium brush, fill the gaps between the two colors with white.
  4. Use the fine tipped brush and the black paint to trace the outside line of the white.


  1. Using the fine tipped brush and the black paint, draw a ‘V’ on the tip of the childs nose and from the center of the ‘V’ draw a black line down to the bow of the lips
  2. Still using the black paint and fine brush, draw a sideways question mark, with the tail originating at the bow of the lips and the hook curving around beneath the outer edge of the lip.
  3. To draw the teeth start from the center of the bottom lip and draw a straight black line to where the chin begins then create a rectangle on each side of it.
  4. Using the medium brush and white paint, fill in the question marks and the teeth
  5. Use the fine brush and black paint to draw whiskers and clean up any smudged edges.
  6. To complete the look use pink or white to fill in the triangle on the nose and maybe use pink to draw in rosy cheeks.