Quirky Hippie Snowman Face Painting Tutorial

    Just when you thought you’d used up every possible snowman variation, you discover the hippie snowman. At least, that’s what I call this design. I chalk it up to reading too much Calvin and Hobbes.


    Diamond FX or Wolfe white
    Black face paint
    TAG light green
    TAG orange
    TAG yellow
    Paradise red
    Paradise light blue
    Paradise light brown
    Paradise dark brown
    #1 or #2 round brush
    Small filbert brush
    #5 round brush
    • Flower stencil or petal brush
    Sponge or dauber


    Load your small filbert brush with while and create a standard snowman shape in the snow on the cheek.

    Using your #5 round brush, add a scarf with TAG light green. Place an orange carrot nose on the snowman, but place it on the center round section rather than on the top.

    Place your flower stencil on the temple and sponge yellow flowers there and next to the snowman. Load a second sponge or dauber with orange and sponge more flowers around the snowman. Using the smallest flower stencil, place a tiny red flower in the center of several of the large flowers. If you don’t have a flower stencil, use a petal brush to make yellow an orange flowers and give them red dot centers.

    Use the #5 round brush and light blue to add a lowlight to the bottom edge of each of the snowman segments. Load your #1 or #2 round brush with black and outline the scarf. Also add an eye, mouth, buttons, and arms to the snowman.

    Load your small round brush with white and place several small stripes on the scarf for detail.

    Finally, place small snowy dots all around the design with your #2 round brush.

    The design is complete at this point, but I added one more small detail, just for fun. If you’d like to add the sign, use Paradise light brown to make a rectangle, and mix a little light brown and dark brown for the post. Outline the sign in black with your small round brush and print “BE YOURSELF” on it.

    I hope you enjoyed this quirky snowman tutorial.

    Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary artist for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. Stop by to see other face painting tutorials by Beth. 

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