Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Melissa Perez

Tis the season for holiday face painting! So to get ready, I used a little holiday magic to whip up this quick and easy Santa Claus design. 


Kryolan White

Kryolan black

Kryolan Turquoise

FAB Gold

FAB Rage Red

Wolfe Black

Wolfe White

Mikim FX Round Sponges (halved)

Loew-Cornell Round brushes 


Step 1

Mix a little red and gold to create a rosy glow on the cheeks and the tip of the nose. Remember it's cold in the North Pole. Next, pick up some glycerin based white and create a white puff on the cheek for the end of his cap. Add white circles across the forehead. Using the same sponge create his beard and mustache.

Step 2

Load a sponge with red and fill in the top of the forehead bringing down the red as it tapers and meets the puff of his cap. With a sponge loaded with a glycerin based black darken his red cap with where the hat would naturally fold.

Step 3

Load a soft blue and highlight the white area. This creates a frosty depth and adds some interest. You can skip this step for extra busy events. On both cheeks with a mostly dry white, sponge a half round shape for the lenses.

Step 4

With a size 3 round brush loaded with a waxy white outline all the white areas. Create swirls for a more detailed effect. Load a #2 round with your line work black to outline the lenses and connect them over the nose and up the sides of the face. Add a few highlights with your white on the lenses and the frames. Now all your missing are your reindeer and your sleigh. Merry Christmas!

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