Base Ingredient And Features Of Face Paint Brands

    Our customer service staff frequently gets questions about face paint bases across different brands. We have tried to put together some basic info that might help aspiring face painters get an idea of which type of paint will work best for them depending upon specific application requirements.

    Most of our face paint brands are glycerin based, which generally stay very comfortable on skin after application compared to wax base. They are ideal for blending and not widely used for line work. Second commonly found paints are wax based, which tend to dry faster and stay longer than glycerin based paints and are popular for line work and layering. Acacia Senegal Gum base found in brands like Global and Kryvaline Creamy line, is known to provide adhesive and skin conditioning effects.

    Cream based paints are easy to apply directly, stay smooth on skin, and have longer drying time. Powder based paints can be applied dried or wet depending on specific application. When applying dry, apply a very thin layer of primer on skin before applying powder. An alternative for primer is to wipe the area with a wet wipe, which will leave enough residue to hold the powder. Mix with a mixing liquid and apply for durable applications resistant to sweat.

    Alcohol based paints are popular for professional applications, outdoor events etc as they tend to be waterproof and sweatproof and can be used in pool parties etc. Alcohol based paints are mostly intended for airbrush applications.

    Grease basedpaints are extremely durable formula used by professionals and clowns. Harder to remove than face paints, grease makeup is not generally used by face painters. Grease paints do not dry and should be set with a setting powder and after use requires oil based makeup removers for removal.

    Our major brands and their base information



    General Features and properties


    Ben Nye
    Kryvaline Creamy Line
    Mehron Paradise
    MiKim FX
    Ruby Red

    ● Smoother Cakes
    Longer Drying Time
    Ideal for blending
    Not recommended for linework or details
    Setting powder for durability
    Water Activated
    ● Generally more comfortable on the skin 


    Diamond FX
    Kraze FX
    Kryvaline Regular Line
    TAG Body Art

    Wolfe FX

    ● Harder Cakes
    Dries Fast
    Ideal for linework and details
    Great for layering
    Can be used for blending
    ● More Durable
     than Glycerin based 
    Water Activated
    ● Some brands may feel tight or dry on skin after drying

    Acacia Senegal Gum

    Global Body Art
    Kryvaline Creamy Line
    ● Adhesive and skin conditioning
    Water Activated
    Cream Based Mehron Fantasy FX ● Creamy
    Dries slowly
    Ideal for base work
    Not recommended for line work
    ● Durable with setting powder

    Apply directly without any water
    ● Feels comfortable on the skin
    Powder Based Mehron StarBlend
    Ben Nye MagiCake
    Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe
    Ben Nye Lumiere Grande
    Ben Nye Luxe Sparkle Powder

    ● Apply dry over a primer
    ● Mix with mixing liquid to apply wet
    ● Can be sealed with a sealer for durability 
    ● Generally these jars are fragile and re-potting is recommended

    Grease Based Graftobian Foundation
    Jim Howle
    Ben Nye Clown Series
    Mehron Foundation
    Kryolan Foundation Sticks
    Kryolan Supra Color

    ● Used by professionals & clowns
    ● Do not dry and should be set with setting powder
    ● Sweat resistant and durable
    ● Cannot be easily removed like face paints
    ● Remove using an oil based makeup remover

    Alcohol Based

    European Body Art
    FAB Hybrid
    Graftobian FX Aire

    ● Waterproof and Sweatproof
    ● T
    heme parks, outdoor events, pool events
    ● Use
     directly or after thinning
    ● Generally apply in an airbrush machine
    ● ProAiir DIPS is a brush on product
    ● Hybrids may be used on the face