Paradise Makeup AQ

Paradise Makeup AQ

Paradise Makeup AQ is a professional line of face and body makeup and tools, collaborated by Mehron and world renowned Body Painting Specialist and Makeup Artiste, Genevieve “Jinny” Houle. Paradise Makeup AQ has become a leading brand among professional and amateur body artists due to the ease of application, unsurpassed color consistency and depth of vibrant colors.

Paradise Makeup AQ products include:

  • Paradise Makeup AQ Individual Cakes and Palettes in an assortment of rich, water-based colors and finishes provide highly pigmented, color-saturated coverage that's water-activated and water-soluble for easy application and removal. Availlable in individual 40 gm pans or 7 gm refill pans, which are made for the empty 8-color palette or the 30-color palette.
  • Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma BlendSet are split cakes specially developed by co-creator, Jinny Houle. Available as individual 50 gm cakes or in an 8-color Prisma BlendSet split cake palette.
  • Paradise Makeup AQ Detailz are liquid colors that are designed for doing fine and intricate detail work. Also makes a fantastic liquid liner. 
  • Paradise Makeup AQ Brushes are excellent professional quality brushes with luxurious nylon bristles, durable aluminum ferrules and custom-length acrylic handles designed specifically for face and body painting.

Paradise Makeup AQ products are safe and gentle on skin, formulated with aloe and chamomile and the enriching emollients glycerin, avocado oil and cocoa butter.

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