Angry Bird Mask by Helene Rantzau

With the new Angry Birds 2 movie coming out I wanted to do a simple and easy mask for on the job designs. I chose to paint around the eyes since most boys - especially the 5-7 year olds - do not like to get painted near the eyes.


Materials Used:

Superstar Red
Superstar Yellow
Superstar Orange
Superstar Plum
Diamond FX White
Diamond FX Black
1/2" Chisel Bbrush
#4 Round Brush

Step 1

Start by painting white around the eyes with a chisel brush to get a softer look.

Step 2

With the chisel brush paint the beak yellow and add the orange as a shadow. Paint with red around the mask. Do not forget the little feathers at the top! Add the plum colour on the cheeks and feathers to create shadows.


Step 3

With a round #4 brush outline the design with black and finish with a couple of slanted angry eyebrows.

Step 4

With a round #4 brush add white highlights on the beak, feathers and eyebrows.

And we are done!

I would love to see your take on this design so please tag me @helenerantzau if you give it a try!

 Angry Birds Face Mask

Helene Rantzau is the owner of  Sminkehjørnet- a small facepainting  business in Denmark.
She has graduated with honours from the International Face Painting School and is one of the Top Ten facepainters in the world;
7th place in the World Facepainting Category at the World Bodypainting Festival 2018
You can see more of her work on her Instagram and Facebook pages.