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Angry Birds Face Paint Video by Ana Cedoviste

Posted by FP Admin on

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  • With the release of the new Angry Birds movie, Angry Birds 2, we've decided to incorporate these adorable little characters into our face painting! In this video tutorial, Ana Cedoviste shows us how to paint 3 Angry Birds 2 characters. Follow along with her or paint your own version of the characters.

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    Angry Birds Face Paint Design by Natalia Kirillova

    Posted by Natalia Kirillova on

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  • With the recent release of the second Angry Birds movie, kids will be lining up to get their faces painted like their favorite character! Follow along with this angry birds face paint design to create your own look!

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    Angry Bird Mask by Helene Rantzau

    Posted by Helene Rantzau on

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  • Easy step-by-step angry bird mask face paint tutorial by Helene Rantzau.

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    Angry Birds Face Paint Design Video by Zuri Fx

    Posted by Zuri Johnson on

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  • Angry Birds 2 face paint design design for boys and girls. My design is fast and easy. I sure think making sponge circles was the way to go. Each and every Angry bird is so unique to draw in a fast paced setting. So let’s simplify it and paint more faces. Here is my take Angry Birds. Give it a try. 

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    Angry Birds Mask by Belén te Pinta

    Posted by Belén te Pinta on

  • Tags: Angry Birds, Animals, Belén te Pinta, Birds, Characters, Diamond FX, FAB paint, Loew Cornell, Mask
  • I tried to paint a bird mask, easily adaptable to any of the bird's colours or shape and quickly doable on the job.

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    Angry Birds Mask Paint by Pam Kinneberg

    Posted by Pam Kinneberg on

  • Tags: Angry Birds, Animals, Birds, Characters, Designs, Mask, Pam Kinneberg
  • The nice thing about these characters is that they are fairly basic shapes and quite easy to paint. Birds, pigs, clouds and flying feathers are what make this mask to the next level!

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    Angry Birds: Creating the Red Bird

    Posted by April Carvelli on

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  • When working with children, they always want what they know and what is popular. These days one of the most popular games played by children and adults is Angry Birds!

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