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Half Face Fox Illusion Face Paint Design Video by Ana Cedoviste

Posted by FP Admin on

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  • This incredibly realistic half face fox illusion face paint design by talented artist Ana Cedoviste is truly jaw dropping! This face paint illusion is the perfect example of how to do half faces and illusions RIGHT!

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    Using Kraze Dome Strokes - Fox Face Paint Design by Kellie Burrus

    Posted by Kellie Burrus on

  • Tags: Animals, Fox, Holidays & Seasons, Kellie Burrus, Kraze FX, Product Reviews, Split Cake, Tutorials, Valentine's Day
  • The new Kraze FX Domed Split Cakes are out, and I've decided to do a Valentine's Day face paint design using the Sundown Domed Split Cake. 

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    Arctic Fox Design by Marina

    Posted by Marina Krmek on

  • Tags: Animals, Arm Design, Cartoons, Designs, Easy Designs, Fox, Kids, Kraze FX, Marina Krmek, One Stroke, Silly Farm, Tutorials, Wolfe
  • Check out this adorable Arctic fox face paint design by Marina. Follow along with Marina to recreate this design, or add your own spin!

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    “Foxy” Face Paint Design by Pam Kinneberg

    Posted by Pam Kinneberg on

  • Tags: Animals, Fox, Pam Kinneberg, Split Cake, Stencils
  • I live in the country and see foxes quite often. I have even had one walk right outside my office window! They are very beautiful animals. I wanted to design a fox that was “Fancy” and worked for a boy or a girl. This design can be altered slightly to work for both! 

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    Fox Mask Face Paint Video by Ana Cedoviste

    Posted by Ana Cedoviste on

  • Tags: Ana Cedoviste, Animals, Easy Designs, Fox, Mehron, Videos
  • Check out this adorable fox mask face paint design by Ana Cedoviste! This fox mask is perfect for on the job and is suitable for both kids and adults. Follow along with Ana to create this design, or create your own unique fox design.

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    Fox Mask Design Video by Marta Ortega

    Posted by Marta Ortega Lopez on

  • Tags: Animals, Designs, Easy Designs, Fox, Kids, Marta Ortega Lopez, Mask, Tutorials, Videos
  • In this video I'm going to show you how I face painted this fox mask design for kids! Perfect for autumn!

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    Autumn Fox by Kristin Olsson

    Posted by Kristin Olsson on

  • Tags: Animals, BAM Stencils, Cosmetic Glitter, Diamond FX, Fall, Fox, Girl design, Glitter, Holidays & Seasons, Kristin Olsson, Mama Clown, Silly Farm, TAG
  • What is more beautiful than a fox surrounded by gorgeous autumn colours? This fox face paint design is super easy and pretty. 

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    Easy Fox Face Paint Video Tutorial by Kiki

    Posted by FP Admin on

  • Tags: Animals, Easy Designs, Fox, Kids, Kiki, Mask, Videos
  • This quick and easy fox face paint tutorial is fun to create and perfect for beginners!

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    A Bright,Warm, Fuzzy Rainbow Fox Tutorial!

    Posted by Amy Liza Williams on

  • Tags: Amy Liza Williams, Animals, Designs, Fox, Kids, Rainbow, Tutorials
  • Here is a fun and simple rainbow fox! This design is using mostly powder pigments so it’s great for teens, or adult designs. 

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    Fast Fox Face Paint Design

    Posted by Julia Munson on

  • Tags: Animals, Designs, Fox, Julia Munson, Kids
  • Follow this quick and easy tutorial to make your own fast fox face paint design, OR create an animal of your choosing! 

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