Using Kraze Dome Strokes - Fox Face Paint Design by Kellie Burrus

The new Kraze FX Domed Split Cakes are out, and I've decided to do a Valentine's Day face paint design using the Sundown Domed Split Cake. The colors are absolutely bright and beautiful, and the domed design makes it so that water doesn't pool in the middle, meaning it'll save you a lot of paint!

Using Kraze Dome Strokes in Sundown

Love is in the air! As February approaches I am thinking about cute on the job Valentine’s Day designs. I get a fair amount of requests for fox designs, and I started to think how their little faces have a heart shape look. Why not combine Foxes with a Valentine’s Day theme? I hope you enjoy my on the job Love struck Foxes design.

Step 1

Load a flat or angled brush with a one stroke cake you like for hearts (I used Kraze Sundown for my hearts) and keep the pinkest tone on the outside. Add some fairy dust while your paint is still damp.


Step 2

Load a smaller angle brush with an orange and yellow one stroke to create the head and ears of the fox (I used the orange and yellow part of my Kraze ‘Sundown’ one stroke). Using just the edge of the brush make a wide V shape from the top center of the heart and come down the other side of each point to create the ears. Fill in the center with the loaded brush to create the forehead.

Step 3

Use the same loaded angled brush with the yellow and orange and fill in the ears, trace around the heart a bit for the face and add fur along down the sides of the heart to create the furry cheeks of your fox. Remember to keep your orange on the outer side of your design. 

Step 4

Follow the same process in number 3 for the other heart (fox face), and using the same brush and colors, begin creating the body, around the clients eyes and down between the clients eyes. Remember to keep the orange color on the outside and then blend the yellow/lighter color into the eye and down between the eyes.

Step 5

After you have your foxes all laid out and filled in, don’t forget to create their tails with the one stroke coming up from the outer corner of each eye. Next load a sponge with white and stencil on some hearts under the tails, between your clients eyes and right on top of each foxes body.

Step 6

Load a small round brush with black and outline the heart. Using the same loaded brush create two bowed lines that almost come together at the bottom of the heart.

Step 7

Load a small round brush with black and add little sleepy sweet eyes in the shapes of little U’s on your fox face. Outline the fox head and create fur lines around the cheeks. Add a nose and whiskers. Repeat all of these steps on the other heart/fox face.

Step 8

For your final steps, load a small round brush with black and create the foxes bodies around the outside of your clients eyes. Outline the foxes tails and add any texture needed. Load a small round brush with white and highlight the foxes nose, eyes, and head. Add some white dots for more texture, create a sparkly starburst and you’re done!

Materials Used:

Kraze FX Domed One Stroke in Sundown
Kraze FX White
Kraze FX Black 
Mama Clown Glitter White Fairy Dust
Jest Paint Tap Stencil 058
American Painter 3/4 Angled Brush
Small Angled Brush by the Face Paint Shop
Loew Cornell Round #1
Loew Cornell Round #2
Always Wicked Art Pink Sponge

Fox Face Paint Design


Kellie Burrus is an all around artist who has been painting skin for six years now. She is the owner and operator of her company, Fabulous Faces by Kellie LLC, based in Long Island, New York.

Since her journey into face and body art Kellie has won several face painting contests and has been featured in face and body painting magazines.

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