Autumn Fox by Kristin Olsson

What is more beautiful than a fox surrounded by gorgeous autumn colours? This fox face paint design is super easy and pretty. You can leave it as a simple and easy design if you have a long line - and if you have more time you can add a few more details and your design will really pop. My little girl loved this design! 


TAG Flame One Stroke Cake
Natalee Davies Arty Cake - Red Fox
TAG Pearl Lilac 

Diamond FX Black
Diamond FX White
Tsukineko Jumbo Sponge Dauber 

Loew Cornell 5/8" Angle Brush (short handle angle brush)
Silly Farm Paintpal Round Brush #3
Silly Farm Paintpal Swirl Brush Round #1
BadAss Mini Stencils no 1031
MamaClown Glitter - Neon Yellow 


Step 1: The Base and the Shape of the Fox

First, I start by adding some light purple base on the eyelid. This is not necessary but will tie in with the purple leaves in the stencilled pattern in the next stage.

With a small angled brush, I pick up the orange and red from my flame cake and dip the tip in a dark brown colour. This immediately adds an extra dimension to the fox shape.

Step 2: Stencils

For the background stencils, I wanted to use an autumn-like colour that would stand out nicely with the colour of the fox. And all the girls love purple and pink!

Step 3: White

For this step, I fill in the muzzle and the tip of the tail with white. As you can see, the shape of the fox is super easy to paint - the head is almost like a triangle and the tail curves nicely around the eye to create a balanced placement.

Step 4: Autumn Leaves

With a small angled brush, I pick up the darkest colours from Natalee Davies´ red fox cake. This cake is so versatile and one of my absolute favourites! I paint simple leaf shapes around the fox and use the dark tip to create some flowing lines here and there to make the design look a little whimsical. Add a black nose and two sleepy eyes and your design is ready to go if you are in a hurry!

Step 5: Line Work

If you have a bit more time I would suggest that you outline the rest of the design in black. I use a thin round brush for this and vary the pressure to add some interest to the line work.

Step 6: Finishing Touch

For the last, finishing touch I add yellow glitter on the fox and some white and yellow dots to pick up the white from the rest of the design and to bring in a bit more of that autumn feeling.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial - can´t wait to see your version of this!

Fox Face Paint Design


Kristin Olsson has her background from the art and design world and has been working as a professional face painter since 2016.

She has won numerous face painting competitions and has been published in various face and body painting magazines.

Now she is a certified instructor at the International Face Painting School.

You can see more of her work on her Instagram and Facebook pages.