Fast Fox Face Paint Design

This has to be my favorite design I’ve done, it’s SO easy and very quick, you can do this to just about any animal but foxes are just so darn cute!

Follow this quick and easy tutorial to make your own fast fox face paint design, OR create an animal of your choosing! Some great choices would be dogs, cats, horses, tigers, cheetahs, unicorns, etc..

Items Used:

#2 Round Brush
DFX Orange, White, & Black

How to Face Paint a Fox - Step by Step Tutorial


Can ya tell I was excited to do this tutorial? haha!

Step 1: Make the Shape of the Fox

Fox Face Paint Design

Take your Sponge and load it with DFX orange, Make a T shape starting at the tip of your nose to just about an inch above your eyebrows. When you get to the middle of your eyebrows you want to have a little hump for your ears to go.

Step 2: Paint the Nose and Ears

Fox Face Paint Design

Next your load another sponge with DFX white and make a triangle shape where you make your humps for your ears, these will be the inside of your ears. Now take your Brush or sponge whichever you prefer and make a nose, you might want to keep a wipe handy just in case you have any mistakes!

Step 3: Outline Your Design

Fox Face Paint Design

Next your take your #2 brush and load it with DFX Black. Outline your fox and make sure to swipe up and down for a fur like effect. this gives it depth instead of just putting a straight line. Outline the ears and make the tip of the ears more black, while the inside do a whisker look for more of a wispy feel. The customers love when you put detail in it as it makes them feel special! Who doesn’t want a happy customer!?

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Fox Face Paint Design

You are almost done all you need is some Dots and Spots and Highlights of your DFX black and White and you are done! Congrats, this takes practice so don’t fret if you didn’t get it on the first try, the nice thing about face paint is that it’s not permanent and you can try and try again! I bet you’ll get it down on the first try though!


Thank you again for reading my tutorials, it makes me proud! Feel free to check back and see if I have any new ones available! In the mean time feel free to check out our Facebook and Pinterest page to Save some of your favorite work for later!