Calla Lilly One Stroke Design

This design is great and was a hit at my last event. it’s very easy and when your in a rush, you don’t even need to outline them! It’s elegant but it takes so little to make and if your at a Pay Per Face this is perfect for a quick buck.

Items I used:

DFX split cake

DFX Black and White

1/2 inch brush

#2 & #4 round brush


1: Take your 1/2 brush and load it with your split cake of your choosing. Press your brush down and do a very little representation of an S shape. This will give it more of a hallow shape on the inside. Repeat this step around the eye or just add a couple on top or bottom is fine, totally up to you that is what the fun of it is!

2: Load your #4 brush with DFX Black ( I found DFX black to be the blackest one and the one that doesn’t stain but I have yet to try kryvaline but I know Kryvaline white is very white like DFX and Wolfe too! Great competition!

3: Load your #2 brush with dfx black and outline your flowers (calla lilies) just to make them more prominent, this is totally up to you and the amount of customers you may have in the line, this will most likely determine if you should outline them or not.

4: My favorite part and the reason why I love this design, the swirls and spirals is what makes this design your own! It will never look identical so everyone can have a different design but be the same all together, it’s a great look and after that you are finished congrats!

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