30 Second One Stroke Design

Another Quick design, I’ve done quite a few of these over the last couple months and practice makes perfect and makes you better at being the 30 second design. Mind you if you have a squirmer in your seat it might take a bit longer.

Items Used:

DFX Split Cake

DFX White and Black

1/2 inch Flat Brush #2 Round Brush



1: Take your 1/2 flat brush and load it with your DFX split cake. This can be any color as it’s totally up to you and what you have available! Start from the corner of your eye and place your brush at a horizontal line, press down on the brush and swipe it in a S motion start from the bottom of the S, now it is your option to finish the S to the top of the curve. I stopped in the middle because I was trying to make a point. You repeat this step only completely opposite so they connect at the top. Do two more on the top and bottom and there you have your flower outline.

2: With your Round #2 brush load it with DFX black. Now outline your flower pedals accordingly. Ending with spirals and swirls if there is enough room to do so. but since I couldn’t on my middle one I just left it as a curve with some dots at the end.

3: This is what I consider the fun part as you get to decide where these swirls go, they’ll never look identical and that’s why I like this because you technically can’t make any mistakes and no one will notice if you do! Load your #2 brush again and make swirls, make sure your not making the same ones on the same side, make sure they face opposite ways every time you make a swirl. This helps with randomness. Also add some dots as well as it adds to the empty spaces well.

4: Take your #2 brush again only load it with DFX white this time and make some dots and star bursts and your finished already! Congrats! But if you really want to wow you can add some additional glitter and that makes their day even more special!

Thank you for reading my tutorials I hope to make more for you in the future but before that be sure to check out our Facebook and Pinterest to save your very favorite of tutorials on here!