Webinar: On the Job Designs Part 2 with Kristin Olsson

In this webinar, Kristin Olsson will show more on the job designs.



Design #1

I'm gonna do a center piece with my Ulysses one stroke and you see how I've loaded with the dark color in the middle and I have the light color on the outside. I'm just kind of painting a jagged edge, I'm not too accurate. You notice that I'm kind of working towards the middle focal point. I'm bringing it down to the corner of the eye and I'm doing the same on the other side and then bring it down a little bit underneath the eye.

I'm going to use a stencil and for this you can use any kind of big snowflake stencil. Today I'm gonna use like an ice princess stencil (Ice Crown Milena Stencil).

I wanted to show an alternative to the classic dot. Instead of going in with a regular kind of round brush and doing teardrops and things, I thought for this one I'm gonna use a very small 1/4" angled brush and do a diamond shape instead. So I put the brush down and I pull it down diagonally and that gives me a diamond shape. I'm gonna make some of these diamond shapes coming out from this design on both sides. You can vary the size. And add a few under the eye as well to bring the design together.

So you can just leave it like this or if you want to, you can add some starbursts on the sides as well. So that was the ice princess! Really, really fast design but it looks a little bit different, doesn't it?



Design #2

I'm gonna do a freestyle colorful poinsettia [using my Daybreak Rose one stroke] today. So for this one, I'm gonna go with this 3/8" angled brush from American Painter. I'm loading the paint with the lighter color on the long side of the bristle. I'm going to start the flower on her temple rather than going around the eye. I'm gonna work out from this area and I start just above the eye level. I'm doing some one stroke petals. And just because I'm feeling a bit crazy today, I'm gonna do a duo-colored poinsettia which is not gonna look like a poinsettia because it's not red but hey, we're face painters, we're artists. We can be creative. You can build on this and have even more layers but I'm gonna keep it quite small.

I'm gonna go into my Calathea cake with a 1/2" flat brush from Marcela Bustamante (Blazin Brushes). I'm loading with just 1/2 of the cake so I have the light color on one side and the dark color on the other side. So here, you'll notice that I used the brush with the dark color on the inside and I don't flip it, I keep it on the same side. That kinda creates a little bit more depth to the green leaf. I'm building towards the cheekbone.

It kind of has almost like a half moon shape where you have the main part of the design in the middle and it gets smaller and smaller towards the tips. Let's do slightly different teardrops for this one as well just to kind of change it up a little bit.

So basically, I'm going into my white paint and I'm loading my Ultra Point #4 also from Marcela Bustamante. I'm gonna do a teardrop but I'm going to press down and lift up, and that's just a way of changing them up a little bit. On the other side, do the same. This is really fast if you're out painting on a gig.

If you wanted to make this into a more wintery design, you can add some snow stencils. This is #CO5 from Ooh! Stencils. The reason why I like this one is it curves really, really nicely around the face. So I'm gonna go into my white paint again with my finger dauber and I'm gonna add a few snowflakes just on the side to get a little bit of a wintery feeling into our poinsettia.

So I added just a few dots in the middle there. This doesn't really look like a poinsettia design at the moment. It's more like a tropical kind of flower but, you know, in tropical areas there are Christmas celebrations as well and it's so dark here in Norway, I felt like cheering myself up with a bit of color, yeah?



Design #3

(With my Jaracanda cake) I'm starting here with the top of the head of the fox. I'm gonna give it some small ears. It has kind of a triangular shape to the head. I keep the light part on the inside all the time and the dark color on the outside. I'm going in with the same color and I'm gonna make the body and it should be flowing down towards the eyeliner. I wanted to kind of give a good flow for the eyeliner curve. This is a nice placement, it looks more incorporated into the face, and I'm gonna bring down the tail. I'm kind of working it towards the cheek of the model. I'm going back to my angled brush just because I have that loaded with a little bit of white already and I'm gonna paint the bottom of the face.

Just to kind of make it a little bit more wintery, I'm going to go back to my snowflake stencil. He hasn't got a face or anything so I'm gonna add that as well and you'll notice I'm just kind of adding the snowflakes on the outer edge of the body.

Now I'm gonna go in with a #0 brush from The Face Painting Shop and some black and I'm gonna do some line work.

You can add a little bit of color in the eye area. But you don't have to if you don't want to paint the eye area. You can add some stenciling or you can add some dots in this area just to kind of fill it out a little bit if you want to. You can add just a few dots in different colors so I'm doing it blue just because it's more of a winter fox.



Design #4

So I'm loading with a pink one stroke (Daybreak Rose) and I'm gonna do one stroke, just a swoosh, and I'm gonna go in and do some petals.

With my black, let's try and make a little rose here, kind of building up the flower.

I'm gonna add a few highlights to the rose. Just a fast little eye design.

I think if you have a real face for this one--because the eyes are a little bit bigger than a normal eye would be--I think if you had this swoosh on a real eye and you had a little cute flower in the corner, I think it would look really nice actually.



Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

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Face Paints Australia Duo Stroke Cake by Kristin Olsson - Daybreak Rose
Face Paints Australia Duo Stroke Cake by Kristin Olsson - Calathea
Face Paints Australia Duo Stroke Cake by Kristin Olsson - Jaracanda
Milena Stencil - Ice Crown
WabbyFun Practice Boards
Cameleon Colorblock Cake - Gypsy
Loew-Cornell American Painter 3/8" Angled Brush
Blazin Brush 1/2" Flat Brush
Blazin Brush #4 Ultra Point Brush
Ooh! Flip Stencil - Snowflake 1 (#CO5)
The Face Painting Shop #0 Round Brush



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