Webinar: Furry Winter Friends with Frida Haas

In this webinar, learn Furry Winter Friends designs with Frida Haas!


Design #1

So we're gonna start with the muzzle. This is gonna have a little bit of an asymmetrical look so I'm putting Kraze FX White diagonally.

Next, this is a beautiful, beautiful cake and it is Margi Kanter Crystal Water. Mostly I'm just picking up the blue to the white, not worrying so much about the silver. Fade that into that white that we have. 

And this stencil that I'm gonna use next is BAM H03 diagonally across the face. I'm gonna try to do this line here from the mouth to the corner of the eye 'cause it's a pretty strong visual line. I'm gonna keep that so it complements the face. I'm also going to bring in another snowflake using this Diva Stencil Winter Snowflake

I'm gonna use a #3 Gold Grip Loew-Cornell for my line work on this one. (I used black on the mock up board). I'm gonna go with my favorite color of all time and that is the Petrol Blue. That's my little nose, and I'm gonna go to the lips. I will just do a little bit of a triangle. 

So this is kind of how I always do the cat muzzle. My personal preference is not to do the big rounded loop on the bottom. Instead, I'm gonna do a drag and drop teardrop up to the corners and then press it down and then flick up. It becomes more of a triangle and I think it really sort of lifts the design a lot.

I'm gonna do a bit more stripes. This one's gonna stay a little bit more simple. I'm just gonna start at the very corner of the lash line, I go up, squiggle down, end like that. 

I'm a huge fan of these Amerikan Body Art Glitter Cremes. I'm using the color Pisces. It's just the perfect winter glitter and I just love that I can go over the design and not worry about smearing it at all so I like putting a little bit over by the eye. So I wanna say this one is done.



Design #2

I'm using Puppy Kraze splitcake from the Splash Palette. So right here at the temple, I just put a couple of little lines. They have these big, big ears in comparison to their little faces. We're gonna start right at the corner of those eyebrows. I'm gonna go almost this petal shape and then back down, and then a little flick. I do want to have that lighter color on the inside 'cause deers have a lighter sort of fur around their eyes and then from the edge of the nostril, it's gonna go straight up, and then around. Do the same thing on the other side. This design is not gonna go past the nose.

This is another Diva stencil and I'm really just gonna use this very tip to create a little bit of a pretty sort of medallion look.

At the top, we're gonna have 3 holly leaves with some little berries and I'm loading Lush from the Splash palette. I'm leaving myself a little bit of space between those leaves to put some horns in. I'm gonna go with red for the berries.

This is a super quick way that I do horns. I go big tear drop down, end that on a chisel, and I'm just gonna pull up and do a couple more, and then again. I like to put a couple little lashes. I'm trying to be pretty light with my outline. You don't have to outline everything. Do a little black nose. I'm adding a little bit of black underneath these horns, not all the way around. And then put a little bit of a white finish here. I'm using a #3 brush for this. I'm gonna do some little teardrops at the very tip of the horns just to give a little bit of dimension, and then we'll do some spots in the cheeks, highlight on the nose.

It's super pretty with a red lip for sure. I'm using Glitter Stick by Art Factory and it will just help hold some glitter on those berries, and I'm using a red Bio Glitter. I'm gonna say this one is done!



Design #3

This is gonna be more of a cheek design and it's a cute little winter fox and I'm gonna really only use Jalapeno out of the Splash Palette with a Royal & Langnickel 1/2" Brush. Do the furry top of his head, the ears, body.

Using Cameron Icy from Silly Farm, we're gonna do snowy sort of flurries. I'm loading a little bit of a dauber with some white 'cause I'm gonna put in a little snowflake on the tip of his nose with 1036 BAM stencil.

Add more snowflakes with this Pop stencil. Do the eye. The eye looks kind of like an oversized pony eye. And I'm just gonna finish this with a little bit of white. And then I'm gonna put a little bit more snowflake flurries. You can certainly do a bunch of teardrops.



Design #4

Let's do a little bit of a furry forehead, swoop down, little bit of a nose. Do the ears, and then we'll do some little spots, do little small horns. I'm gonna do the eye. Because I have all this red loaded, it's the perfect time to put in berries along here. They're just the perfect little thing to accent that deer with. (I'm adding a holly sticker as well) Cover it with glitter. Glitter makes everything better.



Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Kraze FX White
Silly Farm Margi Kanter - Crystal Water
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Winter Sparkle BAMH03
Diva Stencils - Winter Snowflake
Loew-Cornell #3 Round Brush
Superstar Petrol Blue
Amerikan Body Art Glitter Creme - Pisces
Kraze FX Splash Palette
Diva Stencil - Fleur de lis
Art Factory Glitter Stick
Red Bio Glitter
Royal & Langnickel 1/2" Brush
Silly Farm Arty Brush Cake - Camerons Collection Icy
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Snowflakes BAM1036
Pop Stencils - Snowflake Frenzy



If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later on our YouTube channel. Thank you, Frida, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.