Webinar: Fall Designs with Pam Kinneberg

In this webinar, learn Fall Designs with Pam Kinneberg.

Design #1: Fall Leaf Mask

So we're gonna start by doing our background and I'm gonna be using this Art Factory 3/4" Flat brush, and I'm going to be using this one stroke called Boo-tiful. I'm gonna start by doing a little kind of leaf-type paint right in the center of her forehead. We're gonna be doing very symmetrical sides on this design.And then a few more of these u's, upside down u's, top u's. You want to try to keep it all a little tighter so that your lines are moving in the general direction pointing up eventually towards the center focal point.

I'm going to take this cake called Brilliant Bling rainbow cake and a petal sponge and I'm gonna do the eyelids.

The next thing I'm gonna do is do some line work and I'm gonna do some pinstriping line work on this with an Art Factory #2 Liner and I'm gonna start with this Global Deep Merlot. It's picking up some of the red tones in the colors that are here. With pinstriping, one of the techniques is just like a crossover line.

Then I'm going to take this Petrol Blue FAB and it's a nice contrast to the Deep Merlot that I just put on so it adds another color to this mask.

So now I'm going to put some yellow dots with Kraze Yellow and this is going to be kind of my highlight color.

I'm going to paint her lips and we're gonna use FAB Dark Brown around the outer edges and Deep Merlot in the center, and it gives it sort of a vignette look from dark to lighter.

I'm gonna add some VIVID Glitter Harvest with Glitz Glitter Glue.

Now for the finishing touch, (I put a gem in the middle of the forehead). So it just finishes that whole design and looks beautiful. And that is our fall leaf mask!

Design #2: Fall Kitty

I'm going to start with Kraze White as our base for the kitty and I'm going to use a petal sponge. I'm just gonna start with her muzzle. The thing that I like about using this petal sponge for cats is that these ends create a really nice rounded side. It almost does it for you. You can get the top of the cat, and (the other end) is in the shape of an ear so you can just get a real quick and easy ear with this sponge.

And then I'm gonna come in with Silly Farm Cameron's Collection Glamoween and I've taken a MiKim sponge. I cut it 'cause I only want to use 5 colors. I don't want to use the black color at the top. I'm gonna do the eyelids and I'm gonna put the pink on the outside and the green on the inside and I just curve them. I'm going to put a little bit right on her nose and then I add color at the top just to give that white some color. Put in kind of that part where the ear folds over there so we have a little bit of depth created in the ear so you know that that part recedes back.

We're gonna put some fall leaves, and for that I'm using this BAM Stencil (Maple Leaves - 1215). It has a big one and a little one, and I'm gonna use these on the outer portion of her face. Pay attention to where you put it 'cause you'll be doing the same thing on the other side. I'm not gonna use all the colors so I tend to bend my sponge back so that I don't get the green on there. These leaves sort of almost remind me of fur because of their edges, how kind of ruffled they are, so it helps fill in that rounded part of the face.

So with this design, I'm going to outline it using that Deep Merlot color again. I'm using a #1 Round brush from Loew-Cornell. I'll put some little tufts of fur coming up, you can outline your stencil leaves area if you want just to make them more defined, and then I'm gonna put a little curlicue coming down right there in the center. Above her eyelids, we're gonna give her this sort of cat eye, and then I'm gonna add some eyelashes to the outer corners and underneath too. Give that nose a little shape and a line splitting that center, the bottom lip. Do some swirls where the beginning of her top lip. It's kind of almost like vines coming from the leaves.

And then put glitter on that lip with Mehron Paradise Glitter Cabernet. I'm also using VIVID Glitter Harvest (under the eyes) just to keep bringing your eye up this way, and in her little crown leaf right at the top. It just makes this design really sparkle and come to life. So there you have your fall kitty!

Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Art Factory 3/4" Flat Brush
Silly Farm Arty Brush Cake - Boo-tiful
Silly Farm Rainbow Split Cake - Brilliant Bling
Art Factory #2 Liner Brush
Global - Standard Deep Merlot
FAB Petrol Blue
Kraze FX Yellow
FAB Dark Brown
VIVID Glitter Chunky Glitter Mix - Harvest
VIVID Glitz Glitter Glue
Silly Farm Rainbow Cake - Camerons Collection Glamoween
Kraze FX White
MiKim FX Round Sponge
BAM Stencil - Maple Leaves
Loew-Cornell #1 Round Brush
Mehron Paradise Glitter - Cabernet

If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later on our YouTube channel. Thank you, Pam, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.