Webinar: Halloween 101 with Mandy Gibson

In this webinar, learn Halloween 101 with Mandy Gibson.


Design #1: Half Skull


So we're gonna start with Flesh by ProAiir (as a base).Now that we've paled her out a little, we're gonna go in with white. So I want the forehead to really protrude, get that cheekbone real good, then up here with the eye socket, her chin and jawline. I like to make my jawline strong on my skulls. 

So now we're just gonna go in with some brown and we're gonna lay down where I'm gonna put the shading on the temple area, and we're gonna do a little bit on this cheekbone. It's gonna give it that 3D look when you go in with all the details.

Now we're just gonna go in with some black and add this everywhere we put the brown. Take it up into her hairline a little. I'm gonna blacken out her chin and neck area. So that's the base of our skull.

Then we'll start going in with our line work. We're gonna start adding all our details with a paint brush andFAB Black. So we're just doing a half nose here. We're just going in and to make all of our holes and areas pop, I'm gonna add that white highlight with Fusion White. Color in the teeth. You ain't gotta worry about coloring it in completely.

You always kinda wanna work with your client's eyebrows 'cause some clients are gonna have more eyebrow hair than others so I kinda put my line work in where her eyebrow is 'cause she has thicker eyebrows, and I can go right in with the black and cover it up more.

So we'll just add some stitches. You can see how it has that nice 3D look to it and if you also wanted to, you can add little cracks coming from the eye. So that's our half skull. Very popular with Halloween clients, at fairs and at festivals.


Design #2: Half Zombie/Half Insane Asylum Patient

I'm gonna flesh tone her out and then I like to go in with the white base and then hit those high points. A lot of times with scary makeup, the best thing you can do is layers. The more layers you have on a scary look, the better. And sometimes you're gonna have people who are very pale and match the flesh tone color, you would just add a little bit of white to make it even paler for somebody with very pale skin.

So now we are gonna go in with our white. We're just hitting those cheekbones and it's good to kind of go in circles with your airbrush because it's gonna give you a more blended, realistic look. Go on her forehead, right on her nose, her chin, a little bit of her jawline.

So now we're going in with a little bit of ProAiir Old Blood which is a very reddish brown and we're gonna hit these corners. We're not gonna completely do the eye (so that it looks more realistic) so just give the eye that halo look. And then we'll give a little bit of baggage, make sure we hit these temple areas because we want her face to look sunken in, and then we're gonna hit this cheekbone. We're gonna go right into that hairline, hit the jawline, and right in her nose. I'm gonna get a little bit around her mouth.

So now we're gonna go in a little bit of brown just to darken it up just a little bit more 'cause I told you, layering is your bestfriend. So I'm gonna go in and add a little bit of yellow into it. So I'm just gonna tap my sponge to give her some yellowing effects on the mouth area. You don't want to put it everywhere, just a couple spots 'cause you want it to have the appearance of sickness (or infection).

So we're gonna show you a cool trick. We're gonna have her squeeze her lips really, really tight (like a pucker face). This is gonna give a really cool chapped dead lip. It gives that nice, natural organic wrinkles.

One thing I like to do with my insane asylum patients is I'll give 'em--like they've been cutting their skin counting down the days and it just kinda gives a nice little oomph so I'll go in with some bright red. I'm just doing little scrapies. I’ll mix my black in with my red to make a dark red just to add in there so it gives depth like those are really cuts.

Splattering is another big thing with scary stuff so I'll get a toothbrush and I'm just gonna kind of splatter (some blood). It just gives it more of that gore, nasty, dead look.

(On the zombie side,) just go in your eyes with a little bit of Elisa Griffith brown powder, make her a little dirtier, do the halo eye, do little drips coming out of her mouth.

And now, I'm gonna go in with my scab blood and I'm gonna go in with a stipple sponge. We're gonna put it all around her mouth.

And now we're going with a little bit of splattering. We'll take a bright red 'cause I want her to look like she just bit in to somebody. (I'm gonna use my fingers) 'cause I'll get bigger splatters.

So you can see that base--we got zombie, and we got asylum patient. You can always go more over the top with these looks but I really wanted to keep it 101 today because a lot of times people get intimidated with the scary stuff but you can do scary at any level and these are really good starts, really good basis to learn from and the great thing about these is you can charge a lot of money for clients.



Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

ProAiir Flesh
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Iwata Pro Airbrush Compressor
Iwata Eclipse Airbrush
ProAiir Solids
FAB Black
Fleet Street Tooth Lacquer
Ben Nye Tooth FX
Fusion White
ProAiir Hybrid Zombie Makeup - Old Blood
Skin Illustrator On Set FX Palette
Elisa Griffith Color Me Pro Palette
Ben Nye Fresh Scab



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