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Ben Nye Fresh Scab produces realistic congealed blood effects that dries like a real scab. Use to fill in bruises, abrasions and other simulated wounds for a freshly dried injury effect. Scab formula does not fully set, which gives makeup a lifelike appearance.

Apply to face and body using stippling brush or stipple sponge. Wash off using soap and water. Fresh Scab can be washed from most fabrics; test before use.

Made from a corn syrup base and peppermint flavored, Ben Nye Fresh Scab is safe to apply on skin, in mouth, nose, ears and around eyes.

How Many Applications Will This Give?
Each 1 ounce (28 gm) Ben Nye Fresh Scab jar will give 10-35 applications.
Each 6 ounce (170 gm) Ben Nye Fresh Scab jar will give 60-210 applications.
Each 16 ounce (454 gm) Ben Nye Fresh Scab jar will give 160-560 applications.

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