Webinar: On the Job Halloween Designs with Linnéa Önnerby Novak

In this webinar, learn On the Job Halloween designs with Linnéa Önnerby Novak.


Design #1: Werewolf Claws

So I will start with using a one stroke that I have been creating for Kraze called Ripped.I'm using a 5/8" brush from Marcela Bustamante. I will start very, very thin and by the time I go down, I'm opening it up and I can even do some wiggly moves if I want to, and then go back to thin again. We don't want it to go over the eye, of course.

Now we want it to look like the skin around has some rashes so I'm taking a #3 round brush and I'm loading a red color and I have it at a very watery consistency.
We want to have some white in it as well so it would look a little bit more gory and yucky. It doesn't have to be perfect.

This next thing is optional, of course, but I'm picking up the rusty red again with a very watery consistency and then I'm taking my business card and I will sprinkle some blood on it. We can add some blood drops as well. And then the first one here is done!


Design #2: Ripped Pumpkin

I will take another one stroke that I have created for Kraze called Pumpkin. This time I'm using Marcela Bustamante's long angled 3/4" brush. I'm just dipping the tip of my brush in a little bit of black and it is just to get the ripped effect. I will start up here in the hair and I will make the wiggly moves.I'm just going to outline an eye, a nose, and the mouth.

(With the Pumpkin one stroke), we start right up on top, just pulling it down. It's very, very quick and easy to paint this and because it is a one stroke, you will get the nice effects of it.

I will use Superstar Black and we're going to paint the eye. And then, we will paint the nose. I'm just putting some black stripes very gently.

And now, I really like to take a blending brush, I got this one from Cameleon and I take a wet wipe and just dab it, and then I can use it to make some nice shadows. It will give it a little more depth, I think.

You can use the rusty red again with the watery consistency if you want to make some rashes. You can use a green one stroke to make the top of the pumpkin. That would be cool as well.

We're going to take some white for the highlights and then that one is done as well!


Design #3: Crazy Bat

I will use Margi Kanter's Crystal Water rainbow cake and a petal-shaped sponge from Always Wicked on the forehead.

Now, it is still a little bit wet so the girls really like some sparkle so I'm going to use some glitter on top and it will stick to the paint because it is still wet.

Now, we will load a 3/4" angled brush from The Face Painting Shop with another one stroke I created with Kraze called Bat. We will start with the head of the bat and then we will do the ears, and the wings.

So now we will pick up a waxy white. Now we're going to make some crazy eyes. We want one big eye and one little eye. I think it's much cuter.

And now, I will take a #3 brush and a waxy black. I will do a little bit of outline. We're going to do some flicks here on the ears and some eyebrows. We're going to do a mouth that is not straight.

We'll pick up the white to make some teeth and then we will finish with the eyes here. If you have a bat stencil or anything, you can always add some stars in the sky or some bats here as well. That would look cool.

I have to have some for the lips as well. So that's the crazy bat!


Design #4: Comic Zombie

I'm using another one stroke I've created for Kraze and it is called Zombie and we're going to take a 3/4" angled brush (to create the shape). Now, I'm using the same one stroke but I will use a petal-shaped sponge. I will pick up the lighter colors (and fill in the spaces).

I'm still using a petal sponge and I will just make the eyes a little bit black here. I'm gonna put some on the nose as well.

And now we will paint the brain and I'm going to use the one that I used on the first design that I call Ripped and I'm using a 5/8" angled brush. A brain isn't perfect, not on a comic zombie at least so we will start on the edge, just making some layers.
And now we will go for the teeth. I will use a Flora #12 brush and I'll start loading it with a waxy white. I'm just going to take off the paint on the top here and now we dip it in a little bit of water, just the tip of it, then I will use Ochre from Superstar. It will give us that little bit of nicotine teeth effect. And now I will dip the tip in a little bit of black as well. So I have triple-dipped: first with white, then yellow, and then black.

And now I will pick up a stencil as well. I used this one from Wiser's Collection Graffiti Madness, and I have a finger sponge, and I'm picking up some of the black.
And now we will take a #3 round brush with a waxy black and we will do some outlining so I will start with the eyes. Now we're going to have some angry brows, just having some details because we want the orbital to look a little bit more popped out. Outline the teeth very thinly. They don't have to be perfect. And now we will make some scars. And because it is a comic skull, I have to have some hashtags. I always paint hashtags on boys. I love it, I think it's cute. So now we're going to make some for the brain as well.

And now we will paint some highlights with the Diamond FX White. So here is the comic zombie design!


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Blazin Brush 5/8" Long Angled Brush
Blazin Brush 3/4" Long Angled Brush
Mehron StarBlends
Superstar Line Black
Cameleon Short Blending Brush
Margi Kanter Crystal Water
Always Wicked Petal Sponges
The Face Painting Shop 3/4" Short Angled Brush
Superstar Ochre
Tattoo Pro Wiser's Graffiti Madness Stencil Kit
Diamond FX White


If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later on our YouTube channel. Thank you, Linnéa, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.