Webinar: Halloween Boy Designs with Pam Kinneberg

In this webinar, learn Halloween boy designs with Pam Kinneberg!


Design #1: Ghost Skull

So what I'm gonna start with is the white StarBlend base. I kind of wanted to work with powders because the powders are a little bit more transparent, more ghost-like. Put Elisa Griffith's primer on the skin first and then you put your powder over it and it is a much better coverage that way. I'm just gonna rub that around with this Silly Farm kabuki sponge then I'm gonna take my smoothie blender and get some powder and then I'm gonna start forming my white base of the ghost skull.

And then I'm going to put on a matte blue powder and Mermaid Bling from Elisa Griffith's Color Me Pro Palette. I'm gonna add all of the little shadows anywhere where there'd be some darkness using this Cameleon Blender Brush before I add my line work. I'm gonna do some shadowing right in the area where your eyes meet your nose, where the folds of the ghost will go. All of the shadows are going to be going towards the center focal point. Put a little shade on the sides of where the teeth are gonna go.

The next thing I'm gonna do is to give this a little bit more color is I wanted to add some red so I'm gonna use this Sunburst Boomerang stencil and I'm gonna use a smoothie blender with StarBlend's Red for that and I'm going to also use a little black on the ends. I just wanna go around that head.

Next, I'll do the eyes and I'm gonna just paint them in with a #4 brush and use Kraze Black. The eyes are gonna be quite large and sort of at an angle.

So the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put in the line work and I'm going to use the Kraze #2 Round. I try to do the thick to thin line work and oftentimes, I don't really always connect my lines. I leave areas open to the negative space. I think sometimes it looks better than trying to do this harsh black line all the way around the whole thing. It just lets your eye move in and out of the design. I kinda wanted to have long, oval eyes and mouth for the ghosts.

Now I'm taking this The Face Painting Shop Flora #6 Brush and I'm using that for the teeth. When you've got these points from the brush on the teeth, you can go back in there with the black and just do the little v's in between.

If you wanted to go a little step further, you could take your Black StarBlend and add some additional shadows in your design. You can add some over the blue areas too to create a lot more depth.

I'm gonna add little blood drops at the bottom and I just mix red and black paint so that looks more like blood and load up my #2 round brush. Just make them at different lengths. This makes it a lot scarier so, obviously, you don't have to include this part.

And then the last thing that is really cool is I'm gonna put Mermaid Bling over the black eyelids with a smoothie blender. This makes the eyes almost glow. It's a really cool look. I think this just really makes the whole thing right here 'cause it takes that really dark, black area of the eye and softens it a little bit. So there you go!


Design #2: Spider Attack

So the first thing is I'm gonna paint this eye with Kraze FX Round #2 and I'm gonna make it look like his eye is just a cavity so this is all gonna be black and it's gonna be cracked like his skin is cracking. I'm gonna make the crack look like a spider web. You wanna just let these lines sort of be a little crooked. Round off the corners so it looks hollower in there. Then, I'm gonna put the spider legs on there. You want to end at a nice point for your spider legs.

I'm gonna take a petal brush and Red StarBlend and just create some spider bite areas and this will be the inflamed part around the spider bite. Then I take a smaller brush and I'm gonna put a little red dot in the middle of each one where the actual puncture was. On the one that I'm gonna post, I actually made it look sort of almost blister-y so you can do whatever way.

Then I'm just putting on some little spiders, drawing in their little bodies first and then I'll come back and put their legs on and just sporadically put them around but I tend to put them right where the bites are so it looks like they're the ones that caused the bites.

Now let's put the highlights on. I'm using Kraze White for my highlights and the #2 Round brush again. Highlight the spider legs.

Then I'm going to use this little elf brush with some Black StarBlend to create the shadows under the legs.

If you have time, mix black and white paint and make a spider web on the eyelid. This is gonna look different when it's on their actual eyelid but you can just make a suggestion that there's a web inside the hollow right there. And that's my spider attack!


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Mehron StarBlend White
Elisa Griffith Ultimate Primer
Silly Farm Jumbo Tsukineko Sponge Dabber
Elisa Griffith Color Me Pro Palette
Elisa Griffith - Abyss
Elisa Griffith - Mermaid Bling
Cameleon Matteo Short Blending Brush #1
Art Factory Boomerang Stencil - Sunburst
Mehron StarBlend Red
Mehron StarBlend Black
Kraze FX Black
Kraze FX White
Kraze FX Round #2 Brush
The Face Painting Shop Rounded Flora #6 Brush
Mehron Mark Reid Lily Round Brush #8
Ooh! Stencil Tarantula Spider
Art Factory Boomerang Stencil - Spider Crown



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