Webinar: Monster Designs with Zuri Johnson

In this webinar, learn monster designs with Zuri Johnson.


Design #1

First off, I'm just gonna outline my monster so I'm gonna grab some Kraze FX White and Silly Farm Swirl #3 Round. When I do monsters, I don't like to go on the bottom lip, I like to keep it up and over the nose. I'm gonna outline the crazy eyeballs, trying to make the eyeballs as even as possible. Next, I'm gonna do the mouth and we're gonna make the mouth go across the nose, above the bottom lip. Then make some sharp teeth. I'm gonna create a monster tongue.

So let's go ahead and fill in the teeth with white and I'm still using the same brush. Next, I'm going to fill in the eye but I'm not gonna cover the whole eye. So when your child opens their eyes, they have their own pupil but I'm gonna make some veins going in the eye so when they open their eyes, they just look like they have big, big, big eyes!

Next, we're gonna go to Kraze FX Neon Palette here and I'm gonna take a flat brush. I'm going light first and I'm gonna go around the mouth and I'm probably just gonna do a little squiggly.

We're going to the Kraze FX Green and I'm gonna pick up all the colors I can and we're gonna make some monster hair with this color. Usually the highlight is on top but this time I'm gonna do the dark on top.

Next, we are going to give the eyeballs some definition. We're gonna use Global Red. Let's make some veins in the eyeballs. They don't have to be the same, you want them to be a little different. 

Next, we're going to fill in the mouth area with red using the Kraze FX Round #3 brush. Then we're gonna shade it with black. I don't wanna show any of the white so I'm gonna fill that in with black later. 

So we're gonna make a big tongue so I'm gonna do a pink. I want it a bumpy, nasty-looking tongue. 

Do some swirls around the face and next, I want to do more with the mouth so I'm gonna take my Loew-Cornell brush and I'm gonna do black. I'm just trying to make a nice dark mouth but I don't want it all black so I'm gonna have to fade it out.

Next, I'm gonna use this Party Xplosion split cake. I grabbed some of the yellow from the split cake and I'm gonna make my teeth yellow 'cause when they're yellow, it's ugly and we want ugly.

Next, we are going to do some outlining and we're gonna use Kraze Black and the Loew-Cornell Round #1 for this. I still wanna do some shading 'cause I don't want it just a crisp outline. I’m just gonna edge it out, make it crazy-looking. Next, I want to outline the mouth. I'm gonna do some lines right at the root of the teeth. For the tongue here, I'm gonna make it as bumpy and nasty as possible. Outline the hair.

I did do a little highlight around the mouth. I just grabbed the yellow neon and I just did dots to highlight around the mouth.

Next, we're gonna do highlights. To me, highlighting is very important in looks 'cause it creates an illusion. So we're gonna take our white Kraze FX. Highlight the hair so I'm gonna go on top of each stroke. Highlight some of these swirls. The white brings out the little veins more. Highlight the tongue. And obviously, you can make this your own, you can make it any color you want. This is done!


Design #2

We're gonna start at the top and we're going to go around the face. We're gonna outline the mouth. Purple blob's still gonna have a tongue so I'm gonna make a little thing for that and then like it's just dripping everywhere, it's just yucky.

Now I'm gonna take a flat brush and we're gonna fill in the blob with the same purple from Kraze FX. I'm making some room above the eye 'cause I'm gonna use some white but other than that, I'm filling in the whole face.

Next, I'm going to take the blue, purple, and the lighter blue from a split cake from the Kraze FX Neon palette. And just the edges, I just wanna do a little bit of blue around it just to give it a little bit more oomph to it.

I'm mixing the purple I used and white so we can do the highlight. I'm gonna go on the forehead, nose area, and cheeks.

Next, we're going to take Kraze FX #1 brush and white. Our blob is gonna have buck teeth.

Now, we can do the black and it's gonna look like our blob is melting. On the bottom, you just wanna outline the drops. We're also gonna fill in the mouth black.

I'm gonna make a green tongue. Highlight it a little bit. A nice ugly tongue. Curve it into the mouth.

Next, I'm gonna go above that eye and give it an eye socket and outline the rest of the eye. I'm not doing straight lines here, that's okay. And for the tongue, I just basically put dots to make it look nasty.

Next and last, we're doing the highlights on top. I made a big triangle on the top to indicate that it's glistening or glowing in the light. This is our blob!


Design #3

So we're going to use a swirl brush. We're going to make 4 eyeballs. Take a neon split cake and we're gonna outline it with the orange with yellow in the middle. We're gonna cover the eyeballs.

Next, I'm gonna use a green split cake and a flat brush and we're gonna make the eyebrows. I'm gonna go right above the eye, I'm gonna scoop down, go over, bring it up. Make sure the dark side is on the bottom. I'm going to connect those 2 lines with a nice bumpy forehead then I'm gonna fill it in.

Next, we are going to work on the eyes and we're going to take the black and we're gonna do snake eyes so that's just one pretty good slit in the middle. I'm going to shade in the black with my finger.

Then I got a stencil from BAM (BAM Stencil - Scales). Put it right on the forehead, use a dark green on this one.

I'll take my round brush and I'm going to use the same split cake and kinda just define my one strokes just a little bit more, make it a little darker. We're gonna make some scaly dots and some wrinkles in the nose.

Take the black and I'm gonna outline the mouth, and I'm going to shade it out. Outline the teeth, and shade it out.

Now, we're going to highlight. Taking a small round brush and we're just gonna highlight everywhere. The most important part of this is the highlight for the eyes and we're gonna do one big dot, and one little one. And this is it!



Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Kraze FX White
Silly Farm Paint Pal Swirl Round #3
Kraze FX Neon Pop Palette
Mehron StarBlends
Kraze FX Green
Global Standard Red
Kraze FX Round #3
Kraze FX Black
Loew-Cornell Round #1
Kraze FX Neon Purple / Kraze FX Light Purple
Kraze FX Round #1
BAM Stencil - Scales


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