Webinar: On the Job Halloween Designs with Paty de Leon

In this webinar, learn On The Job Halloween Designs with Paty de Leon.


Design #1


This is just a very simple design which is gonna be on the forehead and it's gonna have the word "boo" and a cute ghost on top. I'm gonna start with the letters and I'm gonna use this small flat brush with orange. Do the letters in different sizes.

Now gonna paint the ghost. I'm gonna do the face first then both hands. I wanna make it look kinda transparent so I'm gonna use a white from Elisa Griffith's powders instead of white (paint).

Now, I'm gonna grab another Elisa Griffith powder in pink and I'm gonna do rosy cheeks on this ghost because they have to be cute no matter what.

And now I'm gonna do the line work with Cameleon Magenta and a line brush. Do the letters and the whole thing. We're gonna do the smile, nose, and I'm gonna do the eyes with black. It's the only thing I'm gonna do with black.

Now I'm gonna switch to a  #1 Loew-Cornell Round brush for the eyes. The eyes are very simple and I'm gonna do little lashes. Then we'll do some highlights with another small brush.

I'm gonna add stars with my Ooh! Stars stencil here and there with a dauber and this is almost done. I'm gonna grab magenta and pink.

I keep it like that because it can be super fast but if you have those extra minutes or whatever, maybe do some spider webs here and there and maybe do a split cake. But for this one, I just wanna keep it like that.


Design #2

I'm gonna start with the first step which is gonna be the sponge work. This is Silly Farm Barbie Girl.

Now, I'm gonna grab my filbert brush. I'm gonna use magenta, a shimmery purple, and purple which fits perfectly on this brush. This guy is gonna be upside down so I'm gonna do an oval shape, fill it up. There's gonna be a branch and its tiny feet will be right there. The face is gonna be a circle, two triangles for the ears. He's gonna have one wing inside and one outside because he's a fun guy.

He also needs rosy cheeks with the same powder I used for the first one, just for fun.

Let me grab black with my #1 round brush and do line work. First, the head, then the 2 triangles for ears. I'm just outlining. The face; the nose is just one heart, and he's sleeping so I'm gonna do the eyes like that (curved). The feet are only gonna be 3 small teardrops.

I'm gonna add a little moon somewhere before I do the branches. I'm grabbing my dauber again with yellow to do a moon.

Switching to a #4 round brush with black for the branch coming from the corner of the eye. We're moving our branches like a zigzag. In nature, nothing is perfect so we can take advantage of that in this design.

Let's do a little highlight here and there, in the branches like the moon is reflecting somewhere in the branches, and the little tiny feet. If you have time, do stars or more details, maybe other bats in black but because he's the focal point, I decided to keep it like that.


Design #3

The next one is a black cat but instead of black, it's purple. So for this, I'm gonna use Royal Sunset from Kraze and I'm gonna use the 3 colors on top which is purple, magenta, and pink. I like it because it's gonna make a variation of colors and it looks more fun. I'm using another filbert brush to grab these 3 colors. So do a circle for the head, pointy ears, the tail and the body.

Do some line work. I know it's not really gonna show up but I like the rosy cheeks no matter what. Do the nose. Let me add some purple stars here and there with the dauber and FAB Lilac. Just play with it. I'm gonna outline these stars. I'm not gonna do it very precisely.

I'm gonna do some highlights here and there. And like I said, you can add more or less wherever you want but I think for a little kid, for a mom, which sometimes moms don't like a lot, this one is perfect.


Design #4

I'm going to do 2 circles with a filbert brush and fill them up. I'm gonna use the shimmery white from Elisa Griffith and I do this because I like how it looks on top, just a little bit. In person, it looks super cute because the shimmer is like highlights.

And I'm gonna grab the pink to give a little blush. Now with a black, I'm gonna do the line work. Do the smile, the eyes. Now I'm searching for another round brush with magenta. I'm just gonna do one leaf so that we know it's a pumpkin. I'm gonna do some webs. Then maybe we'll do highlights here and there.


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:


Elisa Griffith - Snow
Elisa Griffith - Cotton Candy
Cameleon Magenta (Baseline Bollywood Pink)
Mehron StarBlends
Loew-Cornell #1 Round
Ooh! Wrap Stencils - Stars (W02)
Silly Farm Barbie Girl
Kraze FX Royal Sunset
FAB Lilac
FAB Crystal Jubilee
Elisa Griffith - Twinkle


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