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Not every white seems to be perfect for every job. Some are good for line work others are better for blending - let's find out what is the best white for you! sells dozens of different brands black face paint, so which one should you to choose for your kit? This blog will definitely help you decide...
In this quick tutorial, face paint artist Marina, shows us how to remove tough face paint stains, and it's actually easier than you'd think!

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One of the coolest superheroes is the amazon warrior and princess Diana, a.k.a Wonder Woman. You can create a great Wonder Woman design even with a short amount of time thanks to one stroke and stencils. This step by step of my Wonder Woman design is perfect to use on the job!

This super villain design is made with one stroke technique and is perfect to do on the boys that don´t like to be painted on the eyes. 

This Spiderman design is a timeless design that works every time. You can skip the stencils if you want to make it quicker, or you can ad some cool web hands if you got some time over.

Dragonflies are beautiful and intriguing with their shiny metallic bodies, bright colors and wispy wings. People love to have their faces painted with designs of these awesome insects.

One stroke roses on a mother to be is always a beautiful and appreciated design. You can add some shimmering white as a background and put some iridescent glitter on to make it more magical. Add the baby´s name or why not a countdown?


I am doing a project where I transform Marvel characters into butterflies, I call them "Marvel Flutters". So of course I had to do one with Captain Marvel! 

I am so excited about this new Marvel movie! I mean, who doesn't want to be a female superhero? Here is a Captain Marvel decolletage painting I did on myself so I can at least pretend to be cool.

I used one stroke technique, linework and some stencils for textures. I hope you will enjoy my video tutorial! Happy painting!

This bright and bold design features the rich ornate graphic elements of the circus...from the “Big Top” tent to the gold ornate swirls that are reminiscent of vintage circus signage.
For this installment of, What’s on Your Board, I’ll be featuring Spider-man inspired designs. This is a must have and most requested design for me (especially for boys).