Dragonfly Mask by Kellie Burrus

Dragonflies are beautiful and fascinating insects with delicate wings and a huge array of gorgeous metallic and shiny colors. The face paint possibilities are endless and people love the option to have a Dragonfly painted for them. Here is my teardrop filled, asymmetrical, colorful Dragonfly mask.


Step 1: Load a sponge with a colorful rainbow cake. Sponge the rainbow on to one side of the face with the orange closest to the temple and then flip lift the sponge up and lay the color down on the other side of the face, this time make sure that the blue is  closest to the temple. The colors should meet in the middle and one side should swing up for the foundation of the asymmetrical design.


Step 2: Load an angled brush with a blue/yellow/white one stroke paint and create the Dragonfly up and around the eye, keeping all of the darker more blue colors on the outer edges.


Step 3: Use a star stencil and sponge loaded with white  to add stars down along the cheek bone under the Dragonfly, above the brow and coming from the top of the asymmetrical side of the design. Also load a round brush with white, then dip just the tip of that white loaded brush into the pink to create a double dipped flower to the outer and slightly under corner of the other eye.


Step 4: Load and angled brush with a green one stroke and create leaves coming from the flower. Load a round brush with white paint and add teardrops coming down from the asymmetrical side of the design and all around the mask, following the rainbow base. 


Step 5: Load a small round brush with black paint and outline the Dragonfly and give it antenna. Outline the leaves from the flower and use the black to add some shadows here and there to the stenciled on stars and outline the teardrops.


Step 6: Add some final touches with glitter to the outer corners of the eyes and coming from the tops of the asymmetrical part of the design. Use a white loaded round brush to highlight the Dragonfly. Add lipstick and you’re done.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you have fun giving it a try!


Materials Used:

- Sillyfarm Unicorn Rainbow Cake

- TAG White 

- TAG Black

- Global Body Art Rainbow Explosion Fun Stroke Pallet (Taupo Cake)

- Bad Ass Mini Stencil, Shooting Stars 

- TAP face Painting stencil, Magical Stars

- Amerikan Body Art Chrome Silver Chunky Glitter 

- Loew-Cornell Round Brush, 5

- Loew-Cornell Round Brush, 1

- Always Wicked Art Half Round Sponges