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Leopard Half Face Video by Francesca Marchitelli

Posted by Francesca Marchitelli on

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  • Take a walk on the wild side with me! In this video I create my version of a half face leopard face paint design with black and gold spots. Follow this tutorial do create your own version!

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    Leopard Face Paint Design by Ana Cedoviste

    Posted by Ana Cedoviste on

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  • One of the most popular face paint designs is a leopard! So let's see how to do one with a bit of a color twist!


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    Leopard Design by Ulianka

    Posted by Ulianka Arty on

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  • Feline designs are my never ending love to paint. Today's design is very feminine <3 ! We'll be face painting a beautiful leopard design, that's great for kids and adults, as well as festivals and events!

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    Snow Leopard Face Paint Video by Marta Ortega

    Posted by Marta Ortega Lopez on

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  • In this video I'm going to show you how I face painted this snow leopard mask design for kids! Perfect for winter!

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    Blue Snow Leopard Face Paint Design Video by Athena Zhe

    Posted by FP Admin on

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  • Hi everyone! My name is Athena Zhe and this is my friend Katia and today I'm going to show you how to face paint a blue snow leopard. 

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    Easy Leopard Face Paint Video Tutorial by Kiki

    Posted by FP Admin on

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  • This easy leopard face paint design is great for kids and adults, and super easy to recreate!

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