Blue Snow Leopard Face Paint Design Video by Athena Zhe

Hi everyone! My name is Athena Zhe and this is my friend Katia and today I'm going to show you how to face paint a blue snow leopard.

This is how I do my design: I start with white colors and I make highlights on the bridge of the nose, the cheeks, the chin, and forhead.

My next color is blue and I blend in white with the blues, and then my other two colors would be dark blue and purple. After I do all of my blending, I start doing the line work. For the dots, I used pink, and for the lips and for the nose, I also used pink. This makes the entire look more cohesive.

For my last step, I use black to create the lines and contouring. If you want to have really nice black lines, I recommend you use either a size 0 round brush or a size 1 round brush. The thinner your brush is, the cleaner your black lines will be. And don't forget the glitter!
Blue Snow Leopard Face Paint Design

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