Leopard Design by Ulianka

Feline designs are my never ending love to paint. Today's design is very feminine <3 ! We'll be face painting a beautiful leopard design, that's great for kids and adults, as well as festivals and events!

Leopard Face Paint Design Tutorial:

Step 1:

Use a 3/4 inch brush or spongeto paint the area around the eyes and above the lips white. With light brown/dark brown  paint the area around the eyes with a darker colour in the middle.

Leopard by Ulianka

Step 2:

With a sponge, using the same light brown/dark brown  colours, stencilthe area already covered with paint, but just go a little wider. With a sponge, fill in the nose area. I added a bit of  black to the end of the sponge.

Leopard by Ulianka

Step 3:

Add some black, and stencil some more. Paint the nose.

 Leopard by Ulianka

Step 4:

Outline with black. Add some details, dots and white whiskers. I also added some chunky biodegradable glitter.

 Leopard by Ulianka

Step 5:

Add some gold/black blingor paint your own decoration in the center and on the sides!

Leopard by Ulianka

Products Used:

Jest Paint Bolt Medium Firm Angle Brush (3/4")

Kryvaline Large Split Cakes - Terra
Bad Ass Copy Cat Stencil
Jest Paint Bolt Liner Brush #3 (1/16")
SuperstarWhite Paint
Majestic Liner Brush  #1(1/16")
Kryvaline Black High Density Sponge
Superstar Biodegradable Chunky Mix Glitter (6/pack)

 Leopard Face Paint Design


Ulianka is a face painter and body artist. Ulianka won many international contests in Face painting, body painting, makeup categories and has been featured by professional magazines and brands: Wet Paint, QMagazine, NYX, Mehron etc. As a part of her career she creates videos for BBC Scotland and runs face and body painting workshops around the world.

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