Mehron Special FX Kits

Mehron Special Effects Kits have been widely used throughout the Professional Entertainment Industry to create realistic effects in character makeup. These Special Effects Makeup Products are a necessity for any stage performance. These kits include makeup, applicators, removers and other accessories to make your transformation to a character an easy process. Material Safety Data Sheets &  More from Mehron...


Mehron Premium Skeleton Character Kit $15.95 $19.90
Mehron Zombie Professional Makeup Kit $15.95 $19.90
Mehron Premium Cat / Animal Character Kit $15.95 $19.90
Mehron Premium Witch Character Kit $15.95 $19.90
Mehron Premium Evil J Villain Character Kit $15.95 $19.90
Mehron Premium Werewolf Character Kit $15.95 $19.90
Mehron Bald Cap w/ Makeup $27.95 $35.90
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Mehron Bruise Makeup Wheel (505-B) $13.95 $15.90
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Mehron Clown Makeup Kit $15.95 $19.90
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Mehron RESIDENT EVIL 2 ZOMBIE ALL-PRO Makeup Kit $99.90
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