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Mehron Premium Cat/Animal Character Kit is packed with all the professional makeup, accessories and step-by-step instructions to dress up as an authentic cat or a similar animal. Mehron has made the kit invaluable by packing applicators, removers and accessories in addition to easy-to-follow instructions by professional makeup artists. The Kit provides enough flexibility by providing several color choices for your costume.

What does the Premium Cat/Animal Kit include?
- 5-color makeup palette
- Full Size Pencil Liner
- Colorset Setting Powder
- Full Size Makeup Brush
- Non-latex Foam Wedge
- Powder Puff
- Whiskers
- Makeup Remover Cloth
- Step-by-Step instructions

How Do I Apply & Remove?
Step 1 - Cleanse the skin.
Step 2 - Select a base color. Using a sponge, apply the base color by avoiding areas that will be used for the second color. With the Powder Puff, lightly apply Colorset Powder. Dust off the extra.
Step 3 - Select a second color. Apply in the areas around the face. Keep the edges uneven so it will look like hair. Set the new color by lightly applying Colorset Powder. Dust off the excess.
Step 4 - Now apply any additional color that your cat requires and set them following previous steps. Leave the area around the mouth uncovered.
Step 5 - Create added interest by using the white around the mouth. Powder it with the Colorset Powder.
Step 6 - Add small details to outline the eyes and draw in the mouth using the pencil liner or brush. You can use the Whiskers included in this kit. Optionally add a few dots on the upper lip to render the look of whiskers.

Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

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