Mehron Premium Evil J Villain Character Kit

Mehron Premium Evil J Villain Character Kit


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Mehron Premium Evil Villain Character Kit is packed with all the professional makeup, accessories and step-by-step instructions to create a truly sinister Villain for Halloween, Costume Party or Stage Performance. Mehron has made the kit invaluable by packing applicators, removers and accessories in addition to easy-to-follow instructions by professional makeup artists.

What does the Premium Evil Villain Kit include?
- L.I.P. Color Cream - Velvet Rose
- Color Cup - Black
- Liquid Makeup 1 oz. w/Brush - Green
- Rigid Collodion /Scarring Liquid .25 oz.
- Slim Pro-Pencil- Black
- Paradise Makeup AQ Foam Sponge
- Latex Foam Sponge
- Step-by-Step instructions

How Do I Apply & Remove?
Step 1 - Cleanse and moisturize skin. Create voluminous hair by flipping, blow drying and adding hair gel.
Step 2 - Till the hair is green, place little amounts of Liquid Makeup Green on the palm of your hands and work through hair evenly. Apply Liquid Makeup Green directly on wig and apply evenly.
Step 3 - To create an upward smile, puff cheeks with air and place Rigid Collodion on both sides of the lips. (Be cautious not to get the product into the mouth). With a blow dryer, dry Rigid Collodion to cool temp.
Step 4 - Push cheeks and forehead together and tap Paradise White with Sponge onto skin to create wrinkles on the face. Apply white color all over the face.
Step 5 - Place L.I.P Color Cream Velvet Rose all over mouth and Rigid Collodion Scar with a sponge.
Step 6 - Color eye area using Color Cup Black. Add details around the eye and lips using Pro-Pencil Black. Complete your look by adding a costume.

Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

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