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Mehron Premium Witch Character Kit Mehron contains all the professional makeup you need to dress up as a Wicked witch, whether the occasion is Halloween, a Costume Party or a Stage Performance. Mehron has a long and prestigious history of creating makeup products consistently used for characters in various entertainment venues such as Films, Broadway and Circuses. Step by step instructions make it very easy to bring the witch fantasy to life.

What does the Premium Witch Character Kit include?

- 3-color cream makeup palette
- Black Pencil Liner
- Makeup Brush Applicator
- Colorset Setting Powder
- Adhesive Tape
- Non-latex Foam Wedge
- Tooth FX - Nicotine
- Powder Puff
- Prosthetic Wart
- Step-by-Step instructions
How Do I Apply & Remove?
Step 1 - Cleanse and dry the skin. Glue the wart to the nose using Spirit Gum. Let the glue air dry on the wart for a few minutes. Then apply.
Step 2 - Using the sponge applicator, apply the green cream makeup evenly. Apply small amounts of the white or yellow to the green and blend evenly, if you would like to lighten the color.
With the Powder Puff, lightly press Colorset Powder into the foundation.
Step 3 - Put small amounts of white to the boney areas around the face: on top of the nose, the cheekbones, above the eyebrows, and on the chin.
Blend the edges of the white into the foundation using the sponge. Powder lightly with the Colorset Powder.
Step 4 - Make the wrinkle and heavy character lines using the brown or black. Apply color behind the eyes, lines under the eyes and between the nose and
mouth. Blend the lines into the foundation in an upward motion. Powder lightly with Colorset Powder.
Step 5 - Put black on the lips. Use Tooth FX to color the teeth. Dry the teeth. Brush on solid or in spots. Allow to dry.
Step 6 - Repeat Step 2 on the hands to finish the look.

Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

To remove Tooth FX: Remove with toothpaste or rubbing alcohol on a swab. May stain fabrics.

We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


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