Mehron Bruise Makeup Wheel (505-B)


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Mehron Pro ColorRing Bruise Makeup Wheel includes the colors needed to special effects make up effects from the initial red of a fresh bruise to the yellowish-blue-green of a healing bruise. The specially selected colors in the Mehron Bruise Wheel allow you to produce the perfect bruises every time. The Mehron Bruise Makeup Wheel contains: Bloody Rose, Midnight Sky, Burnt Maroon, Spanish Olive and Maize Yellow.

How Many Applications Will This Give?
Each 1 ounce Mehron Bruise Make Up Wheel will give dozens of applications, depending on bruise size.

How Do I Apply & Remove?
Begin with Bloody Rose special effects make up to create a fresh hit and add Burnt Maroon and Midnight Sky to create an older bruise. Spanish Olive and Maize Yellow are used to create a healing bruise effect. The Bloody Rose color can be used with a stipple sponge to drag across the skin to create a "Road Rash" and then drag a little of Midnight Sky through it to create asphalt dirt. Set with Colorset Powder.

Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

To remove from fabric: Let the stain dry completely, then brush off; if any color remains use a product such as "Spot Shot" on furniture or carpet and use a pre-soak product on clothing.
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