Beginner Special FX Kits

Beginner Special FX Kits
Our Special FX Kits are made with only the highest-quality non water-based makeup. You'll find everything you need for our easy step by step face painting designs in our adult face painting kits. Our face painting adult kits contain products that apply easily and effortlessly. Unique looks and character can be achieved with our adult face painting kits.
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Graftobian Bald Cap w/ Makeup
$41.99 $38.95
Woochie Werewolf Complete FX Kits
$21.00 $16.00
Mehron Premium Witch Character Kit
$16.00 $14.50
Mehron Blue Man Group Makeup Kit
$32.00 $30.50
Mehron Bald Cap w/ Makeup
$32.00 $30.50
Mehron Premium Werewolf Character Kit
$16.00 $14.50
Mehron Premium Cat / Animal Character Kit
$16.00 $14.50
Woochie Everlasting Kiss FX Kits
$10.50 $6.40
Ultimate Silicon Wound Kit
$52.00 $36.00
Woochie Skull EZ FX Kits
$13.00 $10.40
Mehron Premium Zombie Character Kit
$32.00 $30.50
Ultimate Zombie Kit
$59.95 $39.95
Woochie Bullet Hole (.38) EZ FX Kits
$10.50 $8.00
Mehron Premium Goth/ Punk Character Kit
$32.00 $30.50
Mehron Premium Pirate Character Kit
$32.00 $24.40
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