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Ultimate Blood® Kit contains everything needed for simulating a variety of blood effects such as special effects, medical simulation, moulage or other theatrical blood effects. Ultimate Special FX blood has the consistency and appearance of real blood. Viscosity and color of blood effects can be adjusted by using included color tints. Ultimate Blood® dries to give a wet blood finish and flexes with movement without cracking.

Ultimate Blood® Kit is lab certified and safe to use on skin. This high quality blood can be easily thinned or thickened and wets out realistically over silicone, skin or other surfaces without beading up. Ultimate Blood® is sweat resistant, yet easily washes off from skin, fabric or other surfaces once the use is over.

Kit Contents: Ultimate Blood® Base, Ultimate Blood® Thixo, Ultimate Blood® Thinner, Ultimate Blood® Red Tint, Ultimate Blood® Yellow Tint, Ultimate Blood® Blue Tint, Mixing Cups and Mixing Sticks.

Here are some instructional videos on creating Slashed Throat effects, Face Wound effects or Gun Shot effects using the Ultimate Blood Kit:

How do I Apply and Remove Ultimate Blood®?
To apply:
Use 1: Ultimate Blood® Base can be directly brushed onto wounds.
Use 2: Mix Ultimate Blood® Blue Tint with Ultimate Blood® Base and apply to simulate arterial blood effects.
Use 3: Mix Ultimate Blood® Thinner with Ultimate Blood® Base to achieve water like consistency for splattered blood effects.
Use 4: Ultimate Blood® Thixo can be added to Ultimate Blood® Base to get a paste blood consistency.
Use 5: For flowing blood effects, add Ultimate Blood® thinner to Ultimate Blood® Base to achieve a milk like consistency.
Use 6: Add Ultimate Blood® Yellow Tint to Ultimate Blood® Base for superficial blood effects.

Allow to dry, average drying time being around 15 minutes. Reduce drying time by using a dryer.

To Remove:
Ultimate Blood® can be easily wiped off with soap and water.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


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