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Black Panther Monthly Challenge

Posted by FP Admin on

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  • The Black Panther movie was a box office success! Everybody was all about 'Wakanda" and "T'challa". So, we ran a Black Panther Design Contest for face painters to show their designs of the Wakandan superhero. 

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    Kinetic Energy Black Panther Mask

    Posted by Pam Kinneberg on

  • Tags: Avengers, Black Panther, Characters, Cosmetic Glitter, Designs, Mask, Pam Kinneberg, Stencils, Superheroes
  • The Black Panther movie was a visual feast for the eyes with all its bright colors, textures and patterns. I loved how the black panther transformed as the bright purple vibranium visually pulsed through his body. I wanted to design a mask that captured that energy and excitement! This mask does just that and will be popular with boys and girls alike. 

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    UV/Blacklight Black Panther by Kellie Burrus

    Posted by Kellie Burrus on

  • Tags: Adult, Avengers, Black Panther, Boy design, Designs, Global Body Art, Glow In The Dark, Kellie Burrus, Kids, Mehron, Superheroes, UV Makeup, Wolfe FX
  • The new Black Panther is a huge hit! Kids and adults alike want to get their faces painted to look like the Black Panther. This UV Black Panther design is sure to be lots of fun at UV parties.

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    Black Panther Face Paint Design by Artist Ashlie Alvey

    Posted by Ashlie Alvey on

  • Tags: Ashlie Alvey, Avengers, Black & White, Black Panther, Characters, Designs, Diamond FX, Easy Designs, Mask, One Stroke, Stencils, Superheroes
  • Super heroes are here to save the day and here to stay! Check out this fast, fun, and easy Black Panther design and POW! through those party and festival lines.

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