Kinetic Energy Black Panther Mask

The Black Panther movie was a visual feast for the eyes with all its bright colors, textures and patterns. I loved how the black panther transformed as the bright purple vibranium visually pulsed through his body. I wanted to design a mask that captured that energy and excitement! This mask does just that and will be popular with boys and girls alike. 


TAG Regular Soft Gray

FAB Silver

Gobal Purple

FAB Crystal Jubilee

Wolfe Black

Wolfe White

Mama Clown Black Rainbow Glitter

Amerikan Body Art Grape Soda Glitter

BAM Stencil Geometric Lattice  #2013

Ben Nye Lumiere Silver Powder

Black StarBlend

Half Round Sponge

Foam Applicator

Flat Brush

Round Brush


Step one: X marks the spot!

The flow of this design is based on a central X. All the lines flow into the center focal point between the eyes. Use light gray to paint the X so you have your starting point for the mask. Notice how I use the outer edge of my eye as the stopping point for the upper and lower points of the mask. 

Step two: map it out

Until you get comfortable painting this mask, it is a good idea to roughly draw in the various sections with gray. In order to get this symmetrical, find anchor points that line up with a spot on the face. I typically look at where it falls in relation to my eye or eyebrow. I have overlaid lines and red points to show how this works. Always have your lines heading towards the focal point.

Step three: fill in the light purple areas

I chose FAB Crystal Jubilee for the purple base because it is shimmery and it is light enough so that the stencil texture will show up really nice when I put it on top. I used a 1/2" flat brush to fill in these areas.

Step four: add the magic!

The movie is centered around the mystery metal, vibranium, so I wanted to be sure I included that in this mask. To get this look, use the BAM Stencil Geometric Lattice #2013, a dark purple paint and a dark purple glitter. It is important to prepare the sponge and the glitter before you start the process. Spray water on the sponge and using only one edge of it load it with paint being careful that it is not too wet (the other edge of the sponge will be used for glitter). Position the stencil over the light purple base and tap or rub the loaded sponge over the stencil to get the texture. Then, with the stencil still in place, tap the other end of the sponge into the glitter and apply that over the stencil so that the glitter adheres to the paint you just applied. Remove the stencil and you will have a glittery texture! Note that you don’t have to worry about the stencil pattern going outside the edges of the shapes because you will be painting over these areas later. This is why you want to do the purple areas first.

Step five: add the silver areas

Using FAB silver and a round #4 brush, paint in all the silver areas. I designed the mask to go around the eyes because so many boys do not like having their eyes painted. It makes things a lot easier if you can avoid it!

Step six: add the black areas

Paint the remaining sections black. This covers any area that the stencil application went over the edges. If you are short on time, you could always stop here.

Step seven: highlights

To add some quick highlights, use the silver powder in the Ben Nye Lumiere Palette with a foam applicator and apply it over the black on the bridge of the nose, the cheekbone and outer forehead just above the eye on both sides. This gives a little dimension to the mask.

Step eight: black outline

With a round brush (I used a #3) outline the mask. I painted division lines in the silver areas around the eyes and nose to give more shape and dimension.

Step nine: highlights and low lights to add dimension

To give the silver area more dimension and a metallic look, I applied black Starblend powder to one side of the dividing lines and white painted highlights to the other side of the lines.

Step ten: dots, glitter and lips

There is always more you can do to a design to give it additional interest, but these steps do not have to be done. It all depends on how much time you have. 

1. Add some white dots to give directional movement to the design

2. Add Mama Clown Black Rainbow Glitter on the black. A quick spritz of water on a foam applicator, then dipped in the glitter and applied to a small area on the black will make this mask even more magical!

3. If there was a time for black lips, the time is now! For girls this is going to be the finishing touch! Be sure to tap on some Mama Clown Black Rainbow Glitter!

Step eleven: electrify!

Finally, paint pulsing waves of kinetic energy at the top of the mask with a few star bursts at each intersection. This will add the element of excitement to the overall design.

Your little black panther will surely be full of energy once they have seen themselves in your mirror! You may have to be on your guard as they spring out our your chair ready to to take on the world! 


Pam Kinneberg is the owner and artist for her business, PiKadilly Face Painting located near Fargo, North Dakota. She has won numerous contests and can be found in various magazines including SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette, QMagazine, Wet Paint Magazine and SillyFarm Newsletters. 
Instagram: @pikadillyfacepainting