UV/Blacklight Black Panther by Kellie Burrus

The new Black Panther is a huge hit! Kids and adults alike want to get their faces painted to look like the Black Panther. This UV Black Panther design is sure to be lots of fun at UV parties.

Step 1: Draw the Mask

I used a #5 round brush and a mix of black and white to make a dark grey face paint to draw out the Black Panther Mask. I also began to quickly draw in some of the areas where the white lines will be.

Step 2: Fill in the Mask

Using a number 5 and number 2 (for tighter areas) rounds I filled the line areas in the mask with white. I also painted the sectioned off areas on the lids with UV activated Blue.

Step 3: Add Grey Face Paint

I used a medium filbert brush and a medium grey to fill in the blank areas of the mask.

Step 4: Add Shading

I used a medium filbert and number 6 round with black to add shading to areas that would fall in shadow, like the sides of the bridge of the nose, under cheek bones and I used the black to trace along the white lines.

Step 5: UV Paint

I used a number 2 and a number 5 round and Wolfe Clear UV paint to go over all of the white lines to make them UV reactive under black light.  I also used a sponge and UV reactive blue to add glowing high lights. As I was adding these last few UV details I also made sure to shine my Black light on it while I was working so that I could see the effect it had.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

I used a number 5 round brush and UV yellow to outline the entire mask. I also used a sponge and UV yellow in the center of the lids. Finally I turned the rooms lights off and only shined my black light on the design to take the final picture of the Black Light Black Panther!

Products Used: 

Wolfe Hydrocolor Clear (discontinued, sub with Global White/Clear)
Unicorn UV Rainbow Cake (Blue and Yellow sections)
Substitutions: Neon Blue Paint, Neon Yellow Paint
Mehron Paradise Black
Mehron Paradise White  

Always Wicked Half Round Sponge
Loew-Cornell # 5 round
Loew-Cornell # 2 round
Paint PAL Big Drop Brush  

Blacklight Black Panther Face Paint Design