Black Panther Face Paint Design by Artist Ashlie Alvey

Super heroes are here to save the day and here to stay! Check out this fast, fun, and easy Black Panther design and POW! through those party and festival lines. 
The supplies needed for this design are as follows:
Step 1: To begin load a petal sponge with white face paint and apply it over the eye area at a slight upward angle. You will want to sponge below the eye as well but be sure not to go too far. 

Step 2: Load a 3/4" flat brush with a white, grey, black gradient one stroke cake and paint the outline of the mask.

I like to begin with the curved edge of the forehead followed by the panther ears. 

Flip your brush so the lighter color is facing up then, starting between the eyes, paint swooping motions up and over the top of the sponged white eyes.

Optional: Paint a very subtly curved line over the nose area and then finish off the outline below the white eyes.

You can very easily end this mask design at the eyes. In fact, I likely would do so if I were painting this design on a very small child.

Step 3: Fill in the empty forehead area with a sponge loaded up with a mixture of FAB Black and FAB Silver. I like to mix these colors so that it's not too dark and heavy as in the next step we will be adding our white line work. 

While your sponge is loaded, and you're not in a rush, add some fun texture with a stencil. I chose to add this texture near the eye and down onto the cheek area. 

Step 4: Using a number 4 round brush and Diamond FX White I painted the mask details. One pointed stripe down the center of the forehead followed by 2 curving stripes that point toward the center of the eyes. 

Step 5: Outline using a number 2 round and Diamond FX Black and WHAM! You are ready to go fight some bad guys! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are able to use it at an upcoming event! If you have any questions, comments, requests or feedback please share them below.

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 Ashlie Alvey is the owner and artist of Chubby Cheeks Body Art in coastal Savannah, Georgia. You can find her artwork featured in such publications as SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette, and Wet Paint Magazine. Ashlie is most passionate about creating happy memories for her clientele in the form of birthday party entertainment and one-of-a-kind maternity art. You can follow her on Instagram at and view her Facebook business page at