Black Panther Monthly Challenge

The Black Panther movie was a box office success! Everybody was all about 'Wakanda" and "T'challa". So, we ran a Black Panther Design Contest for face painters to show their designs of the Wakandan superhero. 

Today, we'll see the winning design and meet the artist behind it. 

The Black Panther Mask



"A few months ago I graduated from Olga Murasev’s International Facepainting School. During my studies there Olga challenged me to come up with my own spiderman and batman design. So I did. And I liked the proces of designing so much that I continued after finishing the school. After Spiderman and Batman, I tried Superman, Black Panther and more recent Ironman."

This is how Annabel Hoogeveen, a professional face painter, came up with the winning Black Panther design. According to her, she likes to create "easy to copy" and child-friendly designs and leaving the eye area free of dark paints as well as the mouth and nose area. 

For the design, she used a FAB metallic black paint, Mehron regular black, and Superstar metallic blue. The silver lines are created with a mehron silver metallic powder and mixing liquid. She also used PartyXplosion white and black for the lines and highlights. And a stencil from Lea Selley, Graffiti Eyes)

The Artist Behind the Design

Annabel Hoogeveen is a professional face painter and been painting for about 10 years now. It started as a hobby and now she has a face painting company called Blije-Snoetjes Kinderschmink.

You can follow her in her Instagram account, @annabel_hoogeveen.

Here are some of her other works of art :

Contest Entries