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Peacock Mask Face Paint by Natalia Kirillova

Posted by Natalia Kirillova on

  • Tags: Animals, Birds, Fusion Body Art, Girl design, Kids, Mask, Natalia Kirillova, Peacock, Tutorials
  • Peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds, and very often girls ask for a design with a peacock feather or the whole bird. I decided to create a design that combines both the look of the mask and the one stroke image of a peacock.

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    Magic Peacock Face Paint Video by Francesca Marchitelli

    Posted by Francesca Marchitelli on

  • Tags: Animals, Birds, Cameleon, Francesca Marchitelli, Fusion Body Art, Kraze FX, Peacock, Tutorials, Videos
  • The peacock is one of the most colorful and beautiful birds in the world.
    Its tail is so wonderful in fact, that some believe it is the symbol of vanity. Follow this video tutorial to create your own peacock face paint design!

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    Peacock Face Paint Design by Ulianka

    Posted by Ulianka Arty on

  • Tags: Adult, Animals, Birds, Designs, Eye Design, Fusion Body Art, Peacock, Ulianka Arty
  • I am often asked to paint peacocks and this design if one of a few "go to" designs. Is is relatively simple and very popular!

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    One Stroke Peacock by Marta Ortega

    Posted by Marta Ortega Lopez on

  • Tags: Animals, Arm Design, Birds, Easy Designs, Marta Ortega Lopez, One Stroke, Peacock, Tutorials, Videos
  • In this video I'm going to show you how to paint a very quick one stroke peacock, perfect for job events! Fun and easy to do, and great for kids and adults!

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    Video: Fantasy Peacock Design by Athena Zhe

    Posted by FP Admin on

  • Tags: Adult, Animals, Athena Zhe, Birds, Designs, Peacock, Videos
  • It's Spring and it is time for the birds to flourish in the land once again. Athena Zhe shows us her take on the peacock theme. Check that awesome headband as well!

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    Peacock Forehead Design by Kristin Olsson

    Posted by Kristin Olsson on

  • Tags: Animals, Arty Brush Cake, BAM Stencils, Birds, Diamond FX, Easy Designs, Kristin Olsson, Peacock
  • Peacocks are so beautiful! Here, I have created a fast and easy fantasy one stroke peacock design that is perfect on the job. Use your favourite colour combinations and have fun with it!

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    Lovely Peacock Arm Design Video by Helene Rantzau

    Posted by Helene Rantzau on

  • Tags: Animals, Arm Design, Arty Brush Cake, Birds, Diamond FX, Helene Rantzau, Kids, Peacock, Videos
  • Peacock arm design by Helene Rantzau. Facepaint arm design that will WOW your clients and bring that extra Glam for this year's festivals and fairs!

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    Elegant Peacock Face Paint by Belén te Pinta

    Posted by Belén te Pinta on

  • Tags: Animals, Belén te Pinta, Birds, FAB paint, Peacock, Silly Farm
  • This peacock design is fast enough to paint on the job and it can be easily changed and adapted to other type of birds....Let's get started!

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    Peacock Mask by Kellie Burrus

    Posted by Kellie Burrus on

  • Tags: Animals, Birds, Designs, FAB paint, Kellie Burrus, Kids, Mask, Peacock, TAG
  • This Peacock inspired Princess mask includes lots of pinks, purples and blues as well as tear drops and glitter, for a fun girly design that I call a Peacock Mask!

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    Easy Peacock Mask Face Paint Design Tutorial Video by Kiki

    Posted by FP Admin on

  • Tags: Animals, Birds, Easy Designs, Kids, Kiki, Mask, Peacock, Videos
  • Check out this adorable peacock mask face paint design by Kiki!

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    Tutorial: Beautiful Peacock

    Posted by Stacey Perry on

  • Tags: Animals, Ben Nye, Designs, Glitter, Mehron, Peacock, Stacey Perry, Tutorials
  • My beautiful model loves peacocks, so I used that as inspiration for this design. I hope you enjoy this beautiful peacock.

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    Easy Peacock Design

    Posted by Amy Liza Williams on

  • Tags: Amy Liza Williams, Animals, Arm Design, Birds, Body Area, Designs, Easy Designs, Kids, Peacock
  • Peacocks are always fun to paint. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to face paint a peacock design!

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