Peacock Mask by Kellie Burrus

Peacock Mask by Kellie Burrus Final
Pretty Masks and Princess designs are always in high demand for face painters to paint. In order to keep myself feeling challenged and excited about what I’m painting, I like to change it up and try some new designs whenever I can.

This Peacock inspired Princess mask includes lots of pinks, purples and blues as well as tear drops and glitter, for a fun girly design that I call a Peacock Mask!


Global Fun Stroke Dublin
Cosmetic Glitter Iridescent
TAG One Stroke Ocean
Diamond FX Metallic Green
Wolfe White or Diamond FX White
FAB Lemon Yellow / SuperStar Bright Yellow
Cosmetic Glitter Blue and Pink
Wolfe Black or Diamond FX Black


Always Wicked Butterfly Sponge
Always Wicked Large Half Round Sponge
#4 Round Brush
#1 Round Brush
¾-inch Angle Brush

Peacock Mask by Kellie Burrus Step 1
To start, load the end of a large Always Wicked sponge with the Global Dublin Fun Stroke and sponge the color across each eye making sure that the darker pink is on the outer corners. Sprinkle lids with glitter.

Peacock Mask by Kellie Burrus Step
Next, load your ¾-inch angle brush from the TAG split Ocean and add the heads of the peacocks to the outsides of the eyes and the tails of the birds to the inside corner of the eyes.

Peacock Mask by Kellie Burrus Step 3
Reload the end of the large sponge with the Dublin sunstroke and stipple/sponge across the forehead. Going back to the angle brush and TAG Ocean, paint in some peacock feathers. Then load the ¾-inch brush with Dublin and paint in some flower petals on the bottom outer corners of the eyes. Use some Metallic Green to paint in some grass under the eyes.

Peacock Mask by Kellie Burrus Step 4
In this step, use white to create tear drops and dots between the eyes. Also use the white to add the beaks, plumes from the peacocks heads, and some highlights on the flowers. Use Lemon Yellow to fill the center of the flowers, highlight the grass, and add dots coming down to the center from the feathers.

Peacock Mask by Kellie Burrus Step 5
Add a bit of pink from the Dublin Fun stroke to the bottom centers of the Peacock feathers and add a dot of lemon yellow to the center of each pink section of the peacock feathers. Add blue and pink glitter to the feathers and flower petals.

Peacock Mask by Kellie Burrus Step 6
Finally, use black to outline the design, tear drops, and dots. Add lipstick and you’re done!