Repotting Face Paint Video Tutorial by Athena Zhe

Replenishing your face paints after a busy day face painting in an event or party is essential. you must know how to properly prepare and maintain your supplies. One of the most basic is knowing how to repot your face paints.

When my paint is halfway done and I know I have a long week ahead of me, I like to repot my paints. I'll take the exact same color of paint and I cut as much as I think will fit in my other paint pot, and I use a butter knife to do this. I take it out, and I place it in my half empty container. I then press it hard and even it out, using the butter knife. I then use a spoon to make sure it's nice and tight, pressing into the pan and evening it out. I then take a paper towel to clean around the pot, making sure it's nice and clean!

Learn how to do it the easy way with Athena Zhe.

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