Scariest Trick-Or-Treater Monthly Challenge

Halloween is all about fantasy and, most often, about scary things especially costumes. But, in our Trick or Treat Face Paint design contest, we see everything from princesses to zombies.  

However, among all the entries, one entry will make you look twice and, probably, keep you up all night. 

Anyone hungry?

See what we mean? This scary illusion by Marina Krmek is the stuff of nightmares but a very well-done one. 

Illusion designs has been taking on the internet with a blast this past few years and it's not hard to see why. Such designs play with your eyes and mind and are very hard to do. But Marina did it very well with her scary face paint illusion design.

Marina used Superstar and Global colors( black from them is great). Mehron stage blood, Starblends black and white for shading

About the Artist

Marina Krmek has been face painting for 2 years and is already working on turning professional.

She has an Instagram page,  and a Facebook page,, where you can find all her awesome work. 

Here is some of her work : 

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