Peacock Face Paint Design by Ulianka

I am often asked to paint peacocks and this design if one of a few "go to" designs. Is is relatively simple and very popular! Follow along with Ulianka to create this stunning peacock face paint design!

Peacock Face Paint Design by Ulianka

Peacock Face Paint Design Tutorial:

Step 1:

Using a 5/8 inch brush and an purple/blue/yellow colours(yellow becomes bright green next to a blue colour) paint a head, neck and a wing under the eye. With pink/orange/yellow colours mark five lines. All pointing to the middle of your pupil.

Peaock by Ulianka

Step 2:

With a 5/8 inch brush and pink/orange/yellow colours, go around the lines to paint feathers. With a mix of green and yellow I painted in green dots and pulled thin lines along the middle.

Ulianka's peacock

Step 3:

With a thin brush, add white details for the area around the eye, bluedecorations to the head and wing. I also use blue and dark red for painting in details around each feather. For finer details I use a liner brush.

 Peacock by Ulianka

Step 4:

Paint in the eye. Outline with black. Add some black swirls inside of each feather.

 Peacock by Ulianka

Step 5:

Outline the entire shape with white to make the design stand out even more. Add swirls and some chunky biodegradable glitter!

Peacock by Ulianka

Products Used:

Jest Paint Bolt Medium Firm Angle Brush (5/8")
Fusion Body Art FX Rainbow Cake - Leanne's Tropical Butterfly (50 gm)
Jest Paint Bolt Liner Brush #3 (1/16")
SuperstarWhite Paint
Superstar Blue Paint
Superstar Plum Paint
Majestic Liner Brush  #1(1/16")
Superstar Black Paint
Superstar Biodegradable Chunky Mix Glitter (6/pack)


Ulianka is a face painter and body artist. Ulianka won many international contests in Face painting, body painting, makeup categories and has been featured by professional magazines and brands: Wet Paint, QMagazine, NYX, Mehron etc. As a part of her career she creates videos for BBC Scotland and runs face and body painting workshops around the world.

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