Webinar: On the Job Animal Designs with Prima Barton

In this webinar, learn On the Job Animal Designs with Prima Barton. 


Design #1: Cockatoo


I'm going to grab my ½” filbert brush for this design. We're going to use one of these Kraze cakes (Jalapeno) to create this crest around the eyebrows right here from the inner corner of the eyebrow and from the highest corner of the hairline right here. That's going to be our guide to where our focal and our main focal design is going to be so it creates a really nice flow to the face.

I'm gonna use the same brush but with a different color (Shark) to do the face of the cockatoo. I'm going to create a round shape. And then I'm grabbing more of that black color and what this is gonna do is create, like, a makeup for the eyelid. You can skip this part if you don't want to. Do another stroke that hugs around the bottom part of the eye or the cheek. Then we're gonna start creating wings and feathering. My goal to this is creating an eternity-like flow. 

There is an empty space in the middle that you can either fill up with glitters or put stenciling designs. I'm just going to create a scenery there by using (Lush) and my 3/4" flat brush. I'm going to create a fern. It's like anahaw leaves. Dab it for texture. 

I am grabbing Mehron Edge White for detailed line work mainly because it's a bit opaque and it doesn't blend. We're going to place the eye of this cockatoo. I'm also going to create some strokes and swirls on the wings and around the eyes. It just adds a little bit of interest to the design. 

I'm using a #3 round brush now and we're going to do line work with Kraze FX Black. Create the nose and a little bit of an open mouth, and a jagged stroke (around the head) to make it look feathery. So that’s basically it.


Design #2: Peacock

I'm using a 3/4" flat brush and this cake (Nebula). We are going to do a peacock head. It’s an almond-shaped head and the neck is quite longer than a cockatoo's. I have planned my placement this way from the top corner of your forehead to the inner corner of your eyebrow. Then we're just going to do a feathering technique (on top of the head).

We are going to do the same thing on the eyes but load a little bit of black (on the tip of the brush). Create and follow the shape of the eye going up. Then we're going to create this feathering (on top of the right eye). I want to match (the end of the left eye with the feathering). If you're doing a really quick job, you don't need to do this part. 

We're going to do more feathering. We are trying to follow the eternity shape again. If you have plenty of time, you can always add petals or flowers (under the right eye) but in this case, we're going to do line work there. Make it more dramatic for adults. You have the choice to add a contrasting color or a complementing color in the middle.

I’m taking my #3 again and Kraze Black. We're going to create a thin line coming from the end of the head and then you dip your brush, line, and then dip again, and stroke down. That basically creates the eye and the beak.

If you're painting an adult, you can grab Mehron Starblends and put a little bit of black (on the outer corners of the eyes) and blend it in just like eyeshadow.

Add line work. Reduce the amount of line work that's gonna be happening (under the left eye) and I'd like it to move up here (on the right eye) so it doesn't look empty. I love lashes. And add an inverted love-heart 'cause that's what it looks like on a real peacock. I use the end of my brush for dots.

I'm gonna wash the tip of my brush and reload it with Kraze White and do more dots. You can put glitters in the middle. I like to use Essential Glitter Balm Unicorn Palette. The kids love it.


Design #3: Chameleon

I'm gonna use my 3/4" flat brush. We're going to grab the Lush cake and I'm going to create the head of the chameleon. Create a really thin petal and we are going to connect another big petal which represents the head. And then we're going to put the body of this chameleon just above (the eyebrow). Don't get too close to the eyebrows or you will miss the leg. 

Chameleons have a rough back so just wiggle your brush. Then we're going to create that signature little curl (tail) that they have. And then we're going to create a comma-like shape for the arm, and then two fingers. 

I'm going to grab Really Rainbow cake because they change color sometimes. I'm just gonna add a little bit on the body. Then I'm going to create a stick. Just cover that eyebrow a little bit. And then do red leaves because we've used green already. 

With the tip of my brush, I'm loading white. I'm just dotting away using the tip of my brush. This is actually adding a little bit of highlighting and texturing to the design. Then I'm going to do quick line work.

Last but not the least, the eye. The focus of the design is the chameleon so I don't need to outline (the stick). If you have time on the job, you can always blend and create shadowing which means you just use your dry bristles with a little bit of paint, swirl it on your hand or on a towel. You can lift the tail a little bit higher by moving your shadow away from it. You can always turn this into 3D (by adding shadows).


Design #4: Giraffe

We're grabbing this Puppy cake and my 3/4" flat brush. I created (the little horns and the strokes on the eyes). And we're going to create little hairs (on the horns). You have to have the cheek curves. 

I’m using this BAM 4012 stencil and I'm going to use it where the highlights are, not all over the face. I’m using a white-orangey color. Those are the spots. 

I'm just going to create these dots (and line work) with my #8 round brush and black. You can even create little bits of hair depending on how much time you have. If it's a girl, which I am going to pretend it is, we're going to add really long lashes.

Do the nose, just like that. If you want to, you can add glitters to that and, voila! You can put bling as well. I chose (blue) because it contrasts the color of the giraffe.


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:


Kraze FX Splash 12 One Stroke Split Cake Palette
Prima Barton ½” Filbert Brush
Prima Barton ¾” Flat Brush
Mehron Edge White
Prima Barton #3 Round Brush
Kraze FX Black
Kraze FX White
Mehron Teal
Prima Barton ¾” Angle Brush
Mehron Starblend Black
Prima Barton #8 Round Brush
Prima Barton #1 Round Brush
Incendium Arts Essential Glitter Balm Unicorn Palette
Bad Ass Mini BAM4012 Stencil


If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later at our YouTube channel. Thank you, Prima, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.