Webinar: Eye Designs with Paty De Leon

In this webinar, learn eye designs with Paty de Leon. Paty is a Houston-based freelance artist and has been face painting since 2013. 


Design #1

For my first design, I'm gonna grab a Round brush and I'm loading it with Neon Pink from Kryolan, I believe, and I'm gonna paint some cute donuts that have pink frosting on top. I'm gonna place [two oval shapes for two donuts]. Leave little ovals in the middle of each big oval as holes for the donuts.

I'm gonna do the waves for the frosting and I'm gonna fill up the pink parts.

I’m rinsing my brush and I'm gonna fill up the donut part with brown.

I'm gonna rinse my brush and now I'm gonna grab blue and yellow for the sprinkles. Just little lines here and there and I'm not going crazy. You can go with more colors but for me, I think that's enough.

I'm gonna grab a sponge with FAB's Ziva Blue to do a little bit around the design. I'm checking my color on my hand because I don't wanna have it super wet. I just want a little background here and there just so it's not super empty before I do the line work.

Now I'm grabbing my Round brush #1 and doing the line work with black.

So I'm now gonna take my #4 Round brush and Diamond FX White and do some swirls, stars, and highlights here and there, and we'll finish this and we'll move to the next one.


Design #2

For this next design, I'm gonna grab Kraze's Royal Sunset and I love it because I see so many cakes like this but the one next to the pink is like a burgundy color which makes it very unique. I love it and I recommend it. I'm gonna grab my 3/4" flat brush, it's the light one, to grab all the colors. This is gonna be in the background. 

And now, I'm grabbing Kraze's Sea Wave and I'm gonna grab just the two dark colors on the top with my small, pink Romantic Rose angle brush. [I’m gonna paint the vase first.]

Now I’m grabbing my filbert brush and dark and light green from this cake for the cactus. This is one I made myself so I don't have the name but anything with greens and light green will work. Do a big oval first and fill it out. [Do more coming out from the main cactus]. It's just, like, little circles, nothing has to be perfect in nature.

I'm gonna grab this cute BAM Stencil #5061 (BAM 1218) to do a little texture here (on the vase) with my dauber. I'm gonna dab a little bit of white to do that step. If you don't want to do it, don't do it but I think it adds a little something and I like it.

I'm gonna grab the #1 Round brush with black and I'm gonna do a little line work and some details. Then we're gonna do a little cute face inside. Do lashes, of course, 'cause it's a girl. Some random lines (for spikes) here and there.

Now with the back of my dauber, I'm gonna put that on black to do glasses. I just make sure I have enough (paint) to stamp the circle. Then with my #1, I'm gonna just go and fix it.

Now I'm going to grab my Blazin Brush Flora brush to do flowers. I'm grabbing white from Diamond FX, orange from FAB, and red from Mehron because I think it will look more like the flowers from a cactus.

Grabbing my #1 Round brush with white to do little highlights here and there. Let's do some swirls as well.


Design #3 

This is gonna be a cute and fast bird so I'm gonna use my sponge and I'm gonna grab TAG's Lilac Purple for the background.

Then I'm grabbing my filbert brush with the same green I used for the cactus, grabbing dark and light green. Keep the dark green on the outside. Then I'm gonna do the tail which is just some flicks. And here is gonna be the feather for this cute guy. So just make sure you've got the shape. It's nothing too difficult.

Right now, let's do the beak and I'm grabbing Global’s Neon Yellow with my #2 Round brush for that. I'm gonna leave it alone for a little bit because any yellow is kinda translucent and I like to go back in a little bit to do another layer.

Now, I’m grabbing this small flat brush to do the branches with Global's Dark Blue. Move the lines kinda like in zig zag movements because these branches don't have to be perfect.

I’m grabbing my #2 and black for line work. I'm gonna first do the feather in the inside. This black is a mixture of Diamond FX and Global. I mix these two because one is too strong and the other one can be easily removed from the skin so when I mix those, I don't have any problems removing it fast.

I’m going back with the yellow (on the beak) just to make sure it's not transparent. And now I'm grabbing my flora brush again to do some flowers here and there because birds love it. I'm now grabbing a neon yellow, orange, and red to do that.

I rinsed the same brush for the leaves and grabbing Neon Yellow and Petrol Blue. Do leaves here and there, just wherever you feel you need leaves but don't go super crazy.

Do the middle part with a Round brush #2 to do dots here and there, some stars and some highlights.

You can change the color of the flowers and the bird to whatever color you want. I'm just giving you some fast ideas. By switching the colors you can do something way different than what I'm doing here.


Design #4

For this one, I'm gonna grab another filbert brush and white to do the circles. Do the little bottom part for the mouth as well.

Let me do the roses. I'm gonna use the same neon pink I used for the donut for these flowers. It's gonna be tiny roses here and there, just random circles. Then I'm gonna grab this Elisa Griffith palette and I'm gonna grab the shimmery white to go on top of each skull. In person it looks so cute and I don't know. I just love the way it looks.

Take the gold from the same palette and put that on top of each rose. I put a little bit here and there. In person it looks super cute.

I'm going to grab my #1 to do the line work and the details. I did here an upside down heart (nose), and a normal heart (nose), and ovals for the eyes. Some little black teardrops in the inside of each skull, some details. Do random lines in the middle of the roses.

I'm gonna do some leaves now with another flora brush. I'm mixing neon yellow and Petrol Blue for some leaves here and there.

Now let me add some highlights in the eyes and some swirls, teardrops. Add little highlights in the roses if you have (extra) time.


Design #5

I'm gonna grab a sponge and this blue from the Fusion Leanne palette. Put that on top of the eye. I’m grabbing a little bit of white shimmer from the Elisa Griffith to put on top.

Now, I'm going in with my filbert brush with neon pink to do a flamingo. Then I'm going to do the beak. Then I'm gonna do a palm tree in dark blue but you can do it in black or magenta which will look so tropical and colorful so it doesn't always have to be black. 

I'm gonna do the eye. Its head is pointing down so the eye has to (line up with it). Now, I'm doing a flower with a flora brush with neon yellow, orange, and red. I used blue for the background that kinda mimics the ocean so anything colorful will work.

With the same brush, let's do a leaf with yellow and blue. Do the middle part of the flower which is gonna be one side yellow, one side orange on a #4 Round brush. Do a flick. Rinse the brush, grab yellow to do the little dots they have hanging out of the flower.

Let's do little highlights and we're done.


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Kryolan Neon Pink (Dayglow Pink)
Silly Farm Paint Pal Round Brush #1
FAB Ziva Blue
Round Brush #4
Diamond FX White
Kraze FX Sea Wave
Silly Farm Paint Pal Romantic Rose 1/2" Angle Brush
Kraze FX Royal Sunset
¾” Flat Brush
BAM Stencil #1218
Blazin Brush Flora Flat #6
FAB Orange
Mehron Red
TAG Pearl Lilac
Global Neon Yellow
Round Brush #2
Global Dark Blue
Diamond FX Black
Global Black
Superstar Petrol Blue
Filbert Brush
Elisa Griffith Color Me Pro Palette
Fusion Leanne's Happy Pixie Petal Palette


If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later at our YouTube channel. Thank you, Paty, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.