Webinar: Girl Hero Designs with Linnéa Önnerby Novak

In this webinar, learn Girl Hero designs with Linnéa Önnerby Novak.  


Design #1: Batgirl

I’m picking up a half moon sponge from Kraze and I'm using Margi Kanter’s Crystal Water rainbow cake. I'm picking up all the colors. This is for the background and the eyes. You don't have to do the whole forehead because we're going to have the wings here so think 90 degrees on both side and we are filling that space up, the darkest on the outside. You don't have to paint [in the middle of the forehead] because we're going to have the Batgirl's head there. While it is still wet, we'll spritz on some puffy glitter so it sticks to the paint.

Now I’m using Onalee Rivera’s Superhero Palette from Fusion and I’m using the pink one in it. I'm going to use a 3/4" Angle Brush from The Face Painting Shop. I'm going to pick up all the colors. Now we're going to start with the head. We're going to do a "u" shape and then some pointy ears. Now we're going to do the wings and we don't want them to be flat, we want them to have this 90-degree curve. [From there,] we're going to go down [on the sides of the face but] not [past] the nose. Then, I have [twisted] my brush so I got the darkest part [below] and we're going over the eyebrows and finishing off on the outer corners of the eyes. Then, you can just use the tip of the brush here and fill the space that hasn't got any paint yet. Then we're going from the outer corners of the eyes and connect with the wings.

All the girls love lips as well so we can pick up the pink in the same one stroke and just paint the lips as well. I got some nice Mama Clown Chunky Fairy Dust Glitter and we'll puff that on top. All the girls love it.

You don't have to have any black outline here because the cake you used had black on the top so the one stroke did the job.

I'm using a #3 Round Brush from Loew-Cornell. I'm going to pick up some creamy white from Diamond FX. We're going to have [highlights] here for the wings, going to do three on each wing. For the eyes, if you really want a wow effect here, you can mix the Diamond FX White with a little bit of neon white. Kraze FX has a great neon white for this. It will make the eyes pop under blacklight. We can do some highlights over [the eyes].

Now I'm going to use a stencil so I'm picking up the Diamond FX White here and I’m using a finger sponge. We're going to use a Graffiti Madness stencil and we're going to do some stars here. On the cheeks here as well. So, there we have the first design, Batgirl.


Design #2: Wonder Woman

I'm going to use my Kraze FX Fundamentals palette here and I'm going to start with the yellow. I'm using a 3/4" Angle brush from The Face Painting Shop again.

We're going to make Wonder Woman's headband here. You can have some guidance points for symmetry, if you want. So right between the eyebrows, we can put a point there, and then [on the top of the forehead]. So we're going to do [swoop upwards to a point] and then [go back down to the other end], finish it off there. We're going to do the same thing [below but an inverted version]. Then you can just fill it in. While the design is still wet, puff some glitter on top.

We’re going to do some eyeshadows so I’m taking a petal-shaped sponge from Always Wicked and Global Pearl Light Blue. We're going to have the pointed tip of the end on the inner corner of the eye.

We're going to use the same stencil that we used before but this time, we're going to use a finger sponge with a little bit of red from the Kraze FX palette. We're going to put [one star on each cheekbone].

I've got this beautiful stencil from a friend of mine, Terri Novak. She has these Queen Noreen's Stencils so I got this Wonder Woman stencil. If you don't have a Wonder Woman stencil you can just paint "W", "W", or a big red star in the middle. So I'm picking up the finger sponge again and I'm taking out my very used black paint from Diamond FX. We're going to put this in the center [of the headband]. Ta da! And then she's got these beautiful stars here as well so they are perfect to add on the sides.

Now we're going to do some line work. I'm picking up a #3 Round Brush from Loew-Cornell and the black waxy paint. I always use a wax-based paint for outlines so you get that nice, crispy line. If you've got time, you can always outline the stars as well but we'll skip that for now.

Picking up some waxy white paint for highlights. I always love to use highlights on my superhero designs. It makes them really pop. It doesn't have to be precise, just so you get that little bit of touch here.

And of course if you have some, you can take a little bit of glitter cream and put it here (on the cheekbones). The great thing with glitter cream is that you can put it on top of paint without it smudging. So there is the Wonder Woman design all with single colors.


Design #3: Spider-Girl (Spider-Gwen)

I'm picking up a petal-shaped sponge here and loading it with white and now we're going to do the eyes. We don't want the eyes to be pointy like horse ears, we want it to have a little bit of an angle so you have the pointed tip up. Make it a little bit curvy on the outsides. Now, I'm going to use a Shimmering Baby Pink from Superstar. We're going to twist the sponge so that we have the pointy tip down and we're going to fill this space (forehead) with shimmering pink and we're going to paint a little bit on the sides as well.

I'm picking up the same stencil we used before and I'm closing the ends with that. Use the white that we had before for some textures on the forehead.

We're going to use a waxy black and I'm going to take a #4 Round Brush. Paint around the eyes here. Start off thin and then we make it a bit thicker. And always, always, always round it here (on the corners).

We're going to do a big teardrop in the center starting thick and then going thin. Do one more on each side. They are all pointing to the central focal point here between the eyes, and these are all pointing to the outer corner of the eyes. And now we're going to connect the lines (to make a web).

We're going to do the highlights as well so I'm picking up a #3 Round brush with a waxy white paint. I like to do some dots as well.

And then we finish up with some stars. I'm going to take the waxy black paint and the finger sponge to make some stars. And then we can finish up with some glitters and of course the glitter lips as well. But there is the Spider-Girl design!


Design #4: Pepper Potts Iron Suit

We're going to use a 3/4" brush from FacepaintStuff. It’s short and angled. We're going to use a blue one stroke from the Superhero Palette. I'm picking up the darkest color on the tip of the brush. So we're going to start with the top. We can have a guidepoint if you want here in the center, and we're going higher up almost on top of the hair. We're doing a round [shape] because Pepper Potts' mask is rounder than Iron Man's. Now we can pick up a second here as well and fill up the space. Do the jaw part as well if you have a little bit more time.

Now we're going to switch to a gold. I've got the XL Filbert Brush from The Face Painting Shop and I'm going to pick up a nice gold from Superstar. I think this one is called Old Gold. I think this Old Gold is a more cool-toned so it fits nice with the blue. We're going to paint between the eyes. Leave a little bit of space [next to the blue] because we're going to use some silver as well. So we just fill in the rest here with the gold.

We're going to take some Silver from Superstar here. We're going to paint the silver just between the blue and the gold.

Now we've got the base here and I've picked up the Pearl Light Blue from Global again and use that for the eyes. And then on top of it, it is very nice to take some white in the center and it will give a glowy eye effect.

We're picking up the same stencil as before just to have some dots [on the forehead]. It gives it a little fun effect. Add a little bit on the chin as well.

Now we're going to do the line work with a #3 Round brush and I'm picking up the waxy black. You don't have to frame everything, you can just swish, swish.

May as well put some highlights a little bit here and there. And we can't forget the glitter lips. I got a new one from Global, it's called Metallic Rose Gold. It is very, very pretty! Poof some glitter on top. Even if she's in a bad-ass iron suit, we have to have glitter.


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:


Kraze FX Fundamentals Palette
Loew-Cornell #4 Round Brush
Kraze FX Half Moon Sponge
Silly Farm Margi Kanter's Crystal Water Cake
Fusion Onalee Rivera Superhero Palette
The Face Painting Shop ¾” Angle Brush
Mama Clown Chunky Fairy Dust Glitter
Diamond FX White
Loew-Cornell #3 Round Brush
Kraze FX Neon White
Tattoo Pro Wiser's Graffiti Madness Stencil Kit
Global Pearl Light Blue
Always Wicked Art Butterfly Sponge (Petal Sponge)
Diamond FX Black
Superstar Ziva Blue
Queen Noreen Woman of Wonder Stencil
Superstar Baby Pink Shimmer
FacepaintStuff ¾” Angle Brush
Superstar Old Gold
The Face Painting Shop XL Filbert Brush
Superstar Silver Shimmer
Global Metallic Rose Gold


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