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Top 3 Freehand Glitter Tattoo Ideas

Posted by FP Admin on

  • Tags: Designs, Freehand, Glitter, Tattoos
  • Freehand glitter tattoos are a really fun and unique way to change up your face painting routine! They can be done on kids, teens, and adults, and they're sure to always impress!

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    Seahorse Freehand Glitter Tattoo by Francesca Marchitelli

    Posted by Francesca Marchitelli on

  • Tags: Designs, Francesca Marchitelli, Freehand, Glitter, Tattoos, Underwater
  • Check out this amazing freehand seahorse glitter tattoo by Francesca Marchitelli! Glitter tattoos can last from 3 -7 days if treated with care, and they are perfect for pool parties, dance clubs, and festivals!

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    Freehand Glitter Tattoo Unicorn by Marina

    Posted by Marina Krmek on

  • Tags: Freehand, Glitter, Marina Krmek, Tattoos, Tutorials, Unicorn
  • When I wanna do something special for a birthday girl or a birthday boy, I love doing freehand glitter tattoos. They're fun, easy and very impressive to everyone!

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    Freehand Glitter Tattoo Pumpkin by Zuri FX

    Posted by Zuri Johnson on

  • Tags: Freehand, Glitter, Halloween, Pumpkin, Tattoos, Tutorials, Zuri FX
  • In this step-by-step tutorial, talented face paint artist Zuri FX shows us how to make a freehand glitter tattoo!

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    Freehand Glitter Tattoo Tutorial

    Posted by Manuela Cason on

  • Tags: Amerikan Body Art, Basic Design Tutorials, Body Area, Cosmetic Glitter, Freehand, Glitter, Mama Clown, Pros-Aide, Skin Adhesive, Tattoos, Tutorials
  • Because of their impressive size and mesmerizing sparkle, freehand tattoos are becoming more and more popular and today I would like to show you how to get started.

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    Freehand Glitter Tattoo - Fireworks

    Posted by Amy Liza Williams on

  • Tags: Adult, Amy Liza Williams, Arm Design, Body Area, Designs, Freehand, Glitter, Kids, New Year's Eve, Tattoos
  • This is a fun and simple design to do for glitter tattoos. It’s fast and fun. You can easily turn this into a flower by omitting the circles on the outside.

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    Freehand Glitter Tattoo - Sun Design

    Posted by Amy Liza Williams on

  • Tags: Adult, Amy Liza Williams, Arm Design, Body Area, Celestial, Designs, Freehand, Glitter, Kids, Tattoos
  • Glitter tattoos are always a big hit especially with the older crowd.  I personally like to do them by hand rather than using a stencil to give it an artistic touch. 

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    Super Tip For Easy Freehand Glitter Tattoos

    Posted by Beth MacKinney on

  • Tags: Adult, Arm Design, Basics, Beth MacKinney, Body Area, Designs, Freehand, Glitter, Glow In The Dark, How To, Tattoos, Techniques, Tutorials, UV Makeup
  • The advantage of glitter tattoos is that they are waterproof, and once applied, can last several days if they are taken care of. 

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